Is it safe to let it go?

Have you ever had situations where you “work” on a situation and keep uncovering layers but yet the “symptoms” are still there?
A pain not going away?
Weight not shifting?
Could be anything.

Our subconscious makes up 93% of our consciousness. What’s in there? Information to keep our bodies functioning, and information that we have picked up along the way in our lives. Like not to touch a hot stove as that can hurt, for example. But we also pick up beliefs and perceptions from our environment as a result of what we experience. An example of this could be “It’s hard to lose weight”, as you’ve heard someone say it or experience it and so it becomes part of you on a subconscious level. Of course this is just one example, and there are many like this.

But my point is, if we aren’t aware of these beliefs and perceptions in our subconscious, just like we aren’t aware of how our liver is functioning, for example. It is a silent...

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Stress, Hormones and the Emotion Code


Stress is a huge part of our lives these days. Heard that before? Yes of course. We hear that everywhere and, of course, we experience it, too.

What I wanted to do here was talk about the stress response in the body, how that impacts our hormones and how it relates to the emotion code. Intrigued?

Hormones are the messengers in the body, and they signal the cells in the body to respond to the environment. The hormones are released by the glands in the body, and more specifically by the HPA axis i.e. the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis. When a signal comes in from the outside, it is the hypothalamus that receives the signal and relays it to the pituitary and adrenal glands.

When the body receives signals of “danger”, “stress” or “overload”, the body responds via the HPA axis by increasing the stress response. This results in the blood moving away from the organs and glands to the arms and legs in preparation for a “fight or flight”...

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Are You Fully Embodied? What's DNA Got To Do With It?

Do you spend most of your time thinking about the past or the future? Most of us, have a tendency to do this, and when we do we are not in our body, including me. Transformation as many ancient spiritual traditions have taught happens when we are present in the here and now. But yes it is a concept that is difficult to grasp.

In writing this article I wanted to share how I learnt to grasp this concept on a much deeper level in 2014, then I have ever done before because most of my life I have lived outside myself. And with great transparency I add that, I have had many years, actually most of my life, where I have been doing things to change my body or my life. Only in this last year did I begin to really feel the depth of embodiment and the power it brings until last year.

Have you tried to change your body weight by changing things on the outside?
Have you tried to shift things in your business or life by changing things on the outside?

Of course the outside changes are...

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Is Your Microbiome Happy? Why Should you Care?

If your micro-organisms are happy, so are the cells in your body.

Fact: If we took all the cells of your body and looked at them individually, what we would find is that between 90% - 99% of them are micro-organisms, and between 10% - 1% are human cells.
When I first heard this, it blew me away. Why? Because the microbiome, which is the aggregate of all these micro-organisms in and around our bodies, has huge implications for our health and well being because we live symbiotically with them. A lot of studies done to date have been in the Newtonian way - meaning breaking things down and looking at one aspect here and another aspect there. There is merit in this way of looking at things in order to understand the underlying dynamics at play. But what about looking at the energetic love relationship between our microbiome and our human cells? In so doing would that help us come back to balance rather then isolating microbes in different areas?
Up till Now...

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Rosacea Disappears After 21 Years

Rosacea is a common rash, and occurs around the central part of the face. The individual has a tendency to flush easily with persistent redness on the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. There are also small inflamed red bumps and pus spots present too. The skin on the face can feel sensitive.
Medically it is not known what the cause of this condition is and it is possibly hereditary but it’s not quite clear if this is the case in all situations. It is a condition that is hard to treat medically.

I recently had a client who has had rosacea for 21 years and began to work with her to clear balancing her body by connecting with her subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the storage centre for all that we have experienced in our lives, very much like a recording device. The conscious part of our mind is what we are aware of at this moment in time. Using muscle testing it is possible to connect with the subconscious mind and ask it questions, and receive yes and no answers....

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Hay Fever - Can It Be Reversed?

I would like to explain how the immune system works and how it gets triggered. When we are exposed to any thing in our environment, the hypothalamus picks up the information and relays it to the pituitary and adrenal glands....

Read more in the article here Hay Fever Can it Be Reversed?

If you have any questions please email me or message me from this site.


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A Mouth Full of Miracles - Jaw Bone Grows Back


It has been believed that it isn't possible to regenerate the jaw bone or gums in the mouth. This to me is part of the collective belief system that we hold even if it isn't true.

What if we can?

I worked with a lady who had deterioration of her jaw bone and was going to have surgery that could have possibly left her with nerve damage. After two sessions, her jaw bone has more here:

A Mouth Full of Miracles

With Love
Charan Surdhar

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Blessing Your DNA

Can we bless our DNA to better health?
One aspect of being happy and healthy is being able to make choices that bring us fulfillment by expressing ourselves creatively but mainly by making others happy. This was one of the results of a happiness study done by social scientists.
What does blessing have to do with this?...
Read more here in this article I was inspired to write about this.

Blessing Your DNA
I've also created a video to go with this as a gift to you. Enjoy! :)

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Is Being Allergy Free, Possible?

Is it possible to be allergy free? I worked with a client recently with a nut allergy, and here is what he said after the sessions:

"My nut allergy began quite late in life. My sessions with Charan helped the underlying energetic cause of the allergy and to release them. My symptoms have completely cleared and I can now enjoy different foods with no worry about nut allergens! Thank you Charan this has been a blessing!”

Read the article here to see how this is possible....

Is Being Allergy Free Possible

With Love

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How Do Emotions Get Trapped?

Have you ever wondered how emotions we feel can get trapped in the body and result in the body having physical issues?

Emotions are like waves that come and go, and to be able to experience them as part of a wave allows us to stay connected to this space of possibilities. But when we aren’t being present in the moment, it can result in the emotion being trapped somewhere in the body.

Here's the article for your pleasure:

How Do Emotions Get Trapped

With Love

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