Rosacea Disappears After 21 Years

Rosacea is a common rash, and occurs around the central part of the face. The individual has a tendency to flush easily with persistent redness on the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. There are also small inflamed red bumps and pus spots present too. The skin on the face can feel sensitive.
Medically it is not known what the cause of this condition is and it is possibly hereditary but it’s not quite clear if this is the case in all situations. It is a condition that is hard to treat medically.

I recently had a client who has had rosacea for 21 years and began to work with her to clear balancing her body by connecting with her subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the storage centre for all that we have experienced in our lives, very much like a recording device. The conscious part of our mind is what we are aware of at this moment in time. Using muscle testing it is possible to connect with the subconscious mind and ask it questions, and receive yes and no answers. Muscle testing can be done with permission on anyone where ever they are in the world as it is possible to be proxy for the individual that is being worked on.

With this client the subconscious mind revealed the answers to questions about what was the energy behind the rosacea, and energetically it was possible to “release” these. Once the energy was released, the body was able to come back to balance on its own as the body is intelligent and truly a miraculous thing.

Here is the client’s testimony along pictures she took and gave me permission to use:

“For 21 years I had acne/rosacea. In the last 2 years got quite chronic. Disappointed in conventional medicine I decided to take my health in my own hands. I changed my diet, did yoga, meditated, took herbs and superfoods, and had some EFT sessions; I felt great but the condition of my skin was not improving.

I have read about the emotion code a year ago or so and started following Dr. Nelson on facebook. Thanks to him and Dr. Bruce Lipton I found Charan. I read her articles, saw her videos, followed my intuition and contacted her. 

I knew deep inside this "dis-ease" was coming from my emotional system but boy was I for a surprise! 

Charan, worked over Skype as I live in the USA and she is in the UK, and used the body code and cleared several trapped emotions and several of these were inherited trapped emotions going back 17 and 18 generations! 

Nothing better than pictures to show you the amazing healing Charan was able to guide after 3 sessions.

I am forever grateful. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Charan.” ~ VC

Dr. Charan Surdhar
Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner


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