Reconnective Healing Workshop with Eric Pearl

by Charan Surdhar


“The conclusion of these experiments was that the energy was indeed real, detectable, measurable – and quite remarkable.” Professor Gary Schwartz

I was at the Reconnective Healing workshop over a weekend. This was presented by Eric Pearl the author of “ Reconnection: heal yourself heal others”. Friday night, Eric presented the essence of healing. Saturday and Sunday was a practising workshop where we were allowed to assimilate the energies, like being in the ocean of energy. But really, by just being present at this seminar it was possible to access these Reconnective frequencies.

Over the last 15 years thousands of people have benefited from the amazing results of Reconnective Healing. The scientific community has been studying the Reconnective frequencies with a high level of interest, as to why this form of healing is achieving great results.

  • One of the things they have found, as Eric mentioned on the Friday evening, that in...
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Just the other day I had a Reconnective Healing from a Terri Caldwell, a qualified practitioner.

I was given the book, The Reconnection, a few years back, and felt a sense of truth about it, and then never really gave it any thought. But recently, I kept seeing it in magazines, and last year I met Terri at a show and had a taster session. That was a year ago! Universe does have to work hard at getting through to us sometimes, but gently of course.

So what pushed me into having the session? Well, I happened to listen to an amazing interview with Eric Pearl (have a look at this website if you are interested, you have to buy them), and that pushed me over the fence which I had been sitting on for years!

It was the most amazing experience I have had. I was in a state where, I was not aware of my body, my mind was not there, but there was this awareness. Amazing awareness, which I can't put words to as that does not do it justice. As a hypnotherapist I know what it is like to be...

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