Reconnective Healing Workshop with Eric Pearl

by Charan Surdhar


“The conclusion of these experiments was that the energy was indeed real, detectable, measurable – and quite remarkable.” Professor Gary Schwartz

I was at the Reconnective Healing workshop over a weekend. This was presented by Eric Pearl the author of “ Reconnection: heal yourself heal others”. Friday night, Eric presented the essence of healing. Saturday and Sunday was a practising workshop where we were allowed to assimilate the energies, like being in the ocean of energy. But really, by just being present at this seminar it was possible to access these Reconnective frequencies.

Over the last 15 years thousands of people have benefited from the amazing results of Reconnective Healing. The scientific community has been studying the Reconnective frequencies with a high level of interest, as to why this form of healing is achieving great results.

  • One of the things they have found, as Eric mentioned on the Friday evening, that in order to achieve the level of free thermodynamic energies in the room at a seminar the room would need to be heated to 300 degrees Celsius but really the temperature change was negligible. But in fact, obviously if that was the case we would have been burnt to ashes, and I would be speaking from the other side!! These results were replicated at four seminars, and at different locations.
  • What they also found, that these reconnective frequencies, seem to be covering a wider “bandwidth” compared to other healing modalities. The energy in the place was amazing. I can feel the energy in my hands now, and that just is definitely different to what I have felt before.
  • Also by measuring brain activity (EEG scans) and heart activity (ECG scans), during a session, they found that the “patient’s” brain rhythms became coherent with the “practitioner’s” heart rhythms.
  • In laboratory studies, they have found that plants that had been shocked or damaged, were shown to heal and had an affect on changes in the plant’s DNA too (good that is!).
  • According to scientific research, we have had energy healing modalities such as reiki, Chi Gong, Johrei, etc, but reconnective frequencies bring light and information.

Other than all the scientific facts, I gathered, which I do thoroughly enjoy! I did like the fact that what Eric does is to cut straight through our illusions and fears that we have imposed on ourselves, like a knife into butter! For example, why do we call God in on a session, when he/she/it is in us, and not outside us, it is the Essence of who we are. We have fears of so many kinds with this work, that really we don’t come from a place of detachment, rather from attachment of outcome.

The fist rule is to be in a place where you place no expectations on outcome, and if we don’t we can limit the results. It is known in quantum physics, in movies like “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “Down the Rabbit Hole”, that our thoughts create a probability of that outcome becoming reality. Scientifically, we have created that particular wave as a result of focusing on it. By being detached all probabilities are taken into account, therefore no limitations on what healing can take place. Also, Eric said, that by being detached we just stay observant of the client, and to just play with the energy. It really does feel like that too, like I am playing with it, just waving your hands in the air, no techniques as to where to put your hands or how to send the energy. None of that at all. Just play, play, and play with this ocean of energy. So much fun, no seriousness about it, I love it!

This other illusion that we have to heal others, was another topic discussed, as again this does bring limitations to the probable outcomes. Who are we to say that it is the liver, or some other organ or anything else for that matter, who are we to say that? We are One with all, and if we can stay in this mode of playing with it, rather than being serious, and thinking we are responsible, oh dear! Who are we to bring our mind into the healing session, and why? When Divinity can create us, why do we bring our mind into it to announce to the Universe what WE think is the problem to be healed with our limited minds. Guess what this brings in LIMITATIONS.

We can go and touch as many individuals with these frequencies, to be able to in his words “infect others with the light”. Obviously, this is not because the light is not in them, but acts as a reminder through all the filters to people as to what and who they really are. According to scientists, our DNA emits specific measurable levels of light, photons that keep a balance of health in our bodies. The higher up the scale we go with regards to complexity, the lower the light emitted. When we add light to the DNA and remove it, the DNA will illuminate brightly, just long enough to then seemingly burn off the extra light to come back to normal levels again, this is called delayed luminescence. Energy, light and information is coming through us all the time. The finer the coherence of the light, the finer the communication. Our bodies are like a finely tuned orchestra, playing the music of health, like a form of entrainment, all being coherent.

“Through a projection of light, selected individuals can be reconnected to our Divine human image, through a resonance that functions in hyper dimensional space” Keys of Enoch, Chapter 134, paragraph 59"

So this light that travels through the body keeps the different parts of the body in tune as to what healthy is. When we come into connection with these frequencies, we remember this and vibrate at that frequency again. By simply bringing in our hands, or simply our presence or consciousness, if they are in another part of the world, and we remember that we are the light and in our consciousness we vibrate at that frequency which then reminds the other “Oh yeah, this is something I remember, it is me as healthy”, and as mentioned with the scientific studies, their brain entrains to our heart frequency. As a result, anything denser than the light, presenting itself physically or emotionally, and multidimensionally, that is not light or should I say denser then frequency of light, is not held onto anymore, it simply falls off.

I saw someone on Monday after the workshop, who had a back ache and hobbled into my office. I asked him if he would be ok with me trying this, he agreed, I did about 5 mins worth, and he got up straight with no back pain! Now of course this does not mean every person with back pain will react this way. Once the individual has come into contact with the frequencies, their body then starts entraining to it, the healing occurs as a result of that, whether on an emotional or physical level or both. So we are not the deciders of this, we just hold the light, and magic happens when we place no expectations to the outcome. These are the key word NO EXPECTATIONS.

My husband, who is a medical doctor, and my 13 year old son, joined me too on this workshop. Any one can access these frequencies. My husband is now using it with his patients. The other day he had a patient, who had arthritis in his shoulder, which he couldn’t move for the last 15 months. My husband asked him if he could try the Reconnective frequencies, and the patient replied, that although he doesn’t believe in this sort of thing he would be willing to try it. My husband just played with the energy for about 4 minutes, and he was able to move the shoulder joint easily.

So really, these frequencies are here to help remind us on a multi-dimensionally level to resonate like a beautifully playing orchestra. But to remember, that we are all one, and we are to have no expectations and just play with the frequencies, so that we don’t place limitations and really who are we to say how things should be. If it is right for someone to pass over, that is what it shall be, if it is for someone to be healed, then that is what it will be. As a result of our bodies playing music like a finely tuned orchestra, as we are all one, we then allow others to resonate at that frequency too. So that as humanity, we are all multi- dimensionally resonating like a big orchestra. We are this essence, through and through.

“I am a very traditional doc. I teach internal medicine. I’m on the faculty of a medical school. I’m one of the Deans. I’m definitely not out there on the fringe. And this definitely rattled my construct of how the body works - how disease works.”
Mark O’Connell, MD, internal medicine specialist and Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Several years ago, John Day, MD, board-certified general and vascular surgeon, decided to put down his scalpel and practice Reconnective Healing™ instead. Day graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1977 and completed his surgical residency in Baltimore at University of Maryland before joining the large Boulder, Colorado, surgical practice where he spent the next 25 years.
“I made this decision because I knew it would take me into higher levels of understanding. It would help me heal myself and others more completely,” he says.

by Charan Surdhar

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