My Destiny with DNA is written in my Name...AND SO IS YOURS

Recently I met this wonderful woman, who is an amazing numerologist. I was introduced to her to receive a numerology reading, during a difficult period in my life.

What I learnt from the reading, based on my birth name, was beyond what I would have imagined. Heather James, says it better then I can explain it:

"I wanted to share this amazing find with you.. I previously did a Numerology reading for the amazing Epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar.

Charan works with healing and realigning peoples core DNA structure.
I was absolutely astounded to see that she has ‘DNA HEALER’ literally written into her name!

The human body has 23 sex chromosomes arranged in 46 pairs..

Charan has a first name number 46...
And a last name number 23...

When I take into account Charan’s 11/2 master lifepath number and her 6 destiny ( the number of healing) this proves to me with little doubt that Charan can in fact heal people at the deepest level of their blueprint.

I’m completely...

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