Frequencies, Frogs and DNA?

What?? Frequencies, Frogs and DNA? What in the heck you must be saying has that got to do with you, right?

Yes. It has EVERYTHING to do with you, and how you show up in this world.

In all ways, my friend...yup. All ways.

You see, everything is frequency. Everything. Including you. Your DNA. All of you.

And everything your energy field is then swimming around in is also frequency.

You know, how when you walk into a room and can feel the vibes in it? Yes, that is a frequency.

So, what have frogs got to do with this? Well, there is a Russian scientist who has done some experiments where he played with frog eggs and salamander eggs. He played with frequencies with these eggs, and the result is astounding. Astounding because it gives us insight into how much we are impacted by frequencies.

So then the thing is what if we can then become aware of this, and allow ourselves to tune into our hearts and be our truth right? I know not always easy. But your heart is the biggest frequency...

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