Daily Prayers to Clear out the Trauma of your Ancestors from your DNA

The other day I was going about my business around the house, and usually as I do this, I am listening to inspirational talks, or just being in silence and present to myself. This thought just popped in every so quietly into my heart, and that was "create daily prayers, that people can listen to, on specific topics, so that as they listen they can begin to clear out their DNA, and integrate into wholeness."

As it popped in, I felt this rush of excitement, as I knew the potential this had to change lives on such a deep level, right down to the DNA, not only for people who listened to these, but for their children and parents too! That is epigenetics in action.

Since then I have sat down in meditation every day and asked what the topic of the day is to be, and so far the topics have been:

  • Step into the Power within You
  • Love
  • Fear
  • Abundance

Here is the link to where you can access all of these and the ones I will be adding daily, or as inspired to do so. DAILY PRAYERS TO CLEAR OUT...

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