Want to Meditate together?

Want to Meditate together?

I know we have all heard the benefits of meditating, that it brings about many benefits, and rewire our brains for more peace and joy. This is as a result of our DNA connecting to the frequency of Source within. Right there, bingo....we are wholeness. We don't have to look outside ourselves for what is wrong or needs fixing, because we have entered the space where we are whole, even if there are issues, we "feel" the wholeness.

Maybe some of you don't meditate, but do enjoy nature, and experience this feeling there.

Whatever your way, it is perfect. There is no right or wrong, there really isn't, so please don't judge yourself in anyway.

Maybe you have also heard, that meditating together, where everyone gets in touch with their wholeness in their unique way is even more powerful? Yes, it is. Together, one plus one equals eleven...it is a powerful space.

As we do this, for a specific cause, we all receive too, because being of service to others is the...

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Daily Prayers to Clear out the Trauma of your Ancestors from your DNA

The other day I was going about my business around the house, and usually as I do this, I am listening to inspirational talks, or just being in silence and present to myself. This thought just popped in every so quietly into my heart, and that was "create daily prayers, that people can listen to, on specific topics, so that as they listen they can begin to clear out their DNA, and integrate into wholeness."

As it popped in, I felt this rush of excitement, as I knew the potential this had to change lives on such a deep level, right down to the DNA, not only for people who listened to these, but for their children and parents too! That is epigenetics in action.

Since then I have sat down in meditation every day and asked what the topic of the day is to be, and so far the topics have been:

  • Step into the Power within You
  • Love
  • Fear
  • Abundance

Here is the link to where you can access all of these and the ones I will be adding daily, or as inspired to do so. DAILY PRAYERS TO CLEAR OUT...

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Is it safe to let it go?

Have you ever had situations where you “work” on a situation and keep uncovering layers but yet the “symptoms” are still there?
A pain not going away?
Weight not shifting?
Could be anything.

Our subconscious makes up 93% of our consciousness. What’s in there? Information to keep our bodies functioning, and information that we have picked up along the way in our lives. Like not to touch a hot stove as that can hurt, for example. But we also pick up beliefs and perceptions from our environment as a result of what we experience. An example of this could be “It’s hard to lose weight”, as you’ve heard someone say it or experience it and so it becomes part of you on a subconscious level. Of course this is just one example, and there are many like this.

But my point is, if we aren’t aware of these beliefs and perceptions in our subconscious, just like we aren’t aware of how our liver is functioning, for example. It is a silent...

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Is Your Microbiome Happy? Why Should you Care?

If your micro-organisms are happy, so are the cells in your body.

Fact: If we took all the cells of your body and looked at them individually, what we would find is that between 90% - 99% of them are micro-organisms, and between 10% - 1% are human cells.
When I first heard this, it blew me away. Why? Because the microbiome, which is the aggregate of all these micro-organisms in and around our bodies, has huge implications for our health and well being because we live symbiotically with them. A lot of studies done to date have been in the Newtonian way - meaning breaking things down and looking at one aspect here and another aspect there. There is merit in this way of looking at things in order to understand the underlying dynamics at play. But what about looking at the energetic love relationship between our microbiome and our human cells? In so doing would that help us come back to balance rather then isolating microbes in different areas?
Up till Now...

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Blessing Your DNA

Can we bless our DNA to better health?
One aspect of being happy and healthy is being able to make choices that bring us fulfillment by expressing ourselves creatively but mainly by making others happy. This was one of the results of a happiness study done by social scientists.
What does blessing have to do with this?...
Read more here in this article I was inspired to write about this.

Blessing Your DNA
I've also created a video to go with this as a gift to you. Enjoy! :)

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Is Being Allergy Free, Possible?

Is it possible to be allergy free? I worked with a client recently with a nut allergy, and here is what he said after the sessions:

"My nut allergy began quite late in life. My sessions with Charan helped the underlying energetic cause of the allergy and to release them. My symptoms have completely cleared and I can now enjoy different foods with no worry about nut allergens! Thank you Charan this has been a blessing!”

Read the article here to see how this is possible....

Is Being Allergy Free Possible

With Love

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How DOES the Emotion Code Work?


Ever wondered how the Emotion Code and the Body Code system work?
Here is my latest article sharing how it works. :)

How DOES the Emotion Code work?

I work one to one with people all over the world over Skype, and if you feel inspired to work with me, please email me.

Being You is all that this world requires....

Love to you

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Emotion Code and Pregnancy


Pregnancy, is associated with fertility, nurturing, love and so much more. It can also bring up feelings of being protective and wanting to be safe. All these are natural and part of the whole process.
It makes sense then that there is some caution when it comes to working on the baby in utero and with the mother while she is pregnant, because it naturally brings up feelings of wanting to protect the child and it’s growth.

In order to come back to a place of nurturing rather of protection, it is important to understand how the Emotion Code works. This would allow the mother to make a decision on whether this is something that will help her and her baby during pregnancy rather then do harm.

Everything is energy. Our organs, our blood, the nutrients in our blood that move across the placenta into the baby, the cells of the baby and mother – all of it is energy. Because when we look at the cells, and further down to the DNA, we get atoms, protons, neutrons, and...

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Is it Safe to let Go?


Here's my next article - "Is it safe to let go?"

Sometimes we can "work" on an issue till we are blue in the face (figuratively speaking), and still wonder why things aren't changing. Here's my next article on this, and a few questions that we can "ask" our subconscious to allow it to FEEL safe to LET go of the issue in question.

Why beat the door down, when we can just turn the handle...? ;-)


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