Is Your Microbiome Happy? Why Should you Care?

If your micro-organisms are happy, so are the cells in your body.

Fact: If we took all the cells of your body and looked at them individually, what we would find is that between 90% - 99% of them are micro-organisms, and between 10% - 1% are human cells.
When I first heard this, it blew me away. Why? Because the microbiome, which is the aggregate of all these micro-organisms in and around our bodies, has huge implications for our health and well being because we live symbiotically with them. A lot of studies done to date have been in the Newtonian way - meaning breaking things down and looking at one aspect here and another aspect there. There is merit in this way of looking at things in order to understand the underlying dynamics at play. But what about looking at the energetic love relationship between our microbiome and our human cells? In so doing would that help us come back to balance rather then isolating microbes in different areas?
Up till Now...
Since the time we discovered microbes existed, there has been a fight to kill them as they were thought to only cause disease. Yes, that is true on one level, but not on another and that is not a discussion for this article. You can watch this animated video I created for more information on how infections actually occur.
As we know, there has been a decline of certain diseases like polio, smallpox and so on. But on the other hand there also has been an increase in diseases like asthma, skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, teeth and gum issues, obesity, allergies to a whole host of foods, pollen, animals etc, and in brain health conditions. The list goes on.
Moving Forward With the New...
Let’s start from the beginning to explain what the microbiome is, why this is important to restore, how it can be restored, and how to start alleviating so many chronic conditions. I have been inspired to write this article from what I have read and how it has helped me to move forward with it in my work with clients, and it felt important to share this information.
Micro-organisms have existed here on the planet for a long time and continue to do so. We have evolved with them, and with the ratio of 90:10 microbes:human cells, I would say that they contribute a huge amount to our lives. They reside on every inch of your body, including your skin, in your nose, mouth, ears, oesophagus, stomach, especially your gut, and for women in the vagina. The Human Microbiome Project has also found that the microbes in our body have approximately 2 million unique genes (this is a current estimate) and the human genome in comparison has 23,000. This means that 90% of the unique genes in your body are microbial and only 10% are human!
Microbes contribute to the health of our immune system, brain chemistry, psychological well-being, influence our nervous system, our gums, our mouth, and they are essential to optimum digestion by procuring certain enzymes. This function alone helps our bodies in a multitude of ways. Each colony is specific to its location and so the variation of genes is needed to adapt to the location. This helps us maintain balance in those areas they reside. The following is an excerpt from the article That Gut Feeling:

“Research has found, for example, that tweaking the balance between beneficial and disease-causing bacteria in an animal's gut can alter its brain chemistry and lead it to become either more bold or more anxious. The brain can also exert a powerful influence on gut bacteria; as many studies have shown, even mild stress can tip the microbial balance in the gut, making the host more vulnerable to infectious disease and triggering a cascade of molecular reactions that feed back to the central nervous system.”

Our initial inoculation happens when we are born and it is crucial it happens in this way to help develop our immune systems. There have been studies to show that the gut flora of a child that is born through the vagina has different gut flora to a child that has been born through a C-section. The latter has more skin microbes in their gut. So the birth process helps in introducing the microbes to our bodies, and as the baby develops and is fed breast milk, then introduced to different foods, the gut flora shifts and changes to accommodate the change in diet so that the body can digest the different foods.
After gathering this information, my thoughts on our symbiotic relationship with the microbiome were from an angle that I feel hasn’t been looked at, or I am not aware of if it has. It is this: Just like our cells can be impacted by our emotions and beliefs, these must also be influencing the function of the microbiome. There is no way that it isn’t, because all of it is energy.
Along those lines, I began to work with clients to help them energetically balance their microbiome, and this has been fascinating to observe how things turn around for them. These were clients that were taking probiotics before to help their situations, but not finding any relief from it. Yes of course there are many factors that contribute to any situation, but if the microbiome is 90-99% of our makeup, doesn’t it make sense to look at it energetically too?
Microbiome Balance = Balance in our Bodies
These are just a few examples of how balancing the microbiome was part of the contribution to bringing about balance to their bodies.
One client, had endured many abdominal surgeries, and had also been prescribed antibiotics many times. I worked on getting her body back to balance, and that included the microbiome. Here is what she said:

“I am so grateful to Charan for helping to clear the underlying issues of my persistent tiredness. I sensed that there was an imbalance within my gut after experiencing several abdominal operations and large numbers of antibiotics some years ago. I have tried many different modalities to clear the causes with some success, Charan rebalanced systems within my body including the microbiome, cleared old trapped trauma and I feel so very much better. I really can't thank her enough.”

Another client had stools that contained undigested food on a regular basis. She was taking probiotics and enzymes and none of these were helping to digest the food. After her microbiome was corrected, her digestive system has now improved and her stools no longer have undigested food in them.
An 8 year client, with severe eczema, her microbiome was found to imbalanced, and the cause of it was a very traumatic birth, that resulted in her large intestine meridian being imbalanced, which was then imbalancing her digestive tract, and which then contributes to the skin issue.
A client with rosacea, had her microbiome imbalanced by two inherited emotions, shock and worthlessness, both coming from one ancestor seventeen generations ago, on her father’s side, who also recently developed similar symptoms! This energy passed on from one generation to the next at conception is referred to as epigenetics, as it impacts the way in which the genes are then expressed. Read more here for this case.
How Do We Move Forward...
I believe that by clearing the underlying energetic issues causing an imbalance in the person’s microbiome, we can allow it to come back to balance, and that in turn means that 90-99% of what we are made up of is now balanced. It is the same with positive gene expression. This work helps bring about positive expression of our genes, and if the microbe genes make up 90-99% of the genes in our body, then they shouldn’t be excluded from also having these benefits. By so doing we are optimizing this symbiotic relationship on multiple levels.
The implications of this work are huge! It assists the person to come back to an overall state of balance so the body can function at an optimal level. I truly feel I have a new appreciation for the microbiome and really want to share this with a wider audience. The work that I have conducted with my clients which is in no way exhaustive, suggests to me that it is critically important to correct the energetic reasons behind any imbalance in the microbiome and then introduce physical aspects such as probiotics.
This work is just the beginning and there is a lot of research being done on this topic. By writing this article I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that it is important to include the energetic work alongside the physical aspects (such as introducing probiotics in the diet) as they are not separate, because if the microbiome isn’t “happy” or balanced energetically, then it just won’t be functioning as well and in that case we won’t be functioning optimally either.

Charan Surdhar

BSc (Hons) Microbiology
MSc Human Genetics

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