Eye problems correspond to emotions and beliefs?


I have been busy the last two weekends. I attended a course on "META-Medicine and the Eyes" conducted by Dr. Kwesi, a leading opthamologist from Germany. The other course was an introduction to "META-Medicine" held by Robert and Joanne, two amazing coaches here in Birmingham.

It was mind blowing to say the least! I am still processing the information!

Whether you have short or long-sightedness, presbyopia (long-sightedness after 40), glaucoma, cataract, or any other variety of eye issues, they can be linked in to a biological shock which occurred in your life that then manifested as the issue. I know this sounds like something just plucked out of the air! But the case studies that were presented, and the many patients that Dr Kwesi diagnoses using META Medicine, prove this.

The thing is that, not only are they events in your life, but also in conditions that one might think are inherited, he showed the link of a shock in your ancestral line can affect you too! The interesting...

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The Living Matrix Movie Trailer


The Living Matrix Movie coming out early 2009. It stars Lynne McTaggart, author of “The Field”, Bruce Lipton, author of “Biology of Belief”, Peter Fraser, co-founder of NutriEnergetics system (Health MOT here on my website), author of “Decoding the Human Body Field”, and many others.

I shall be attending the premiere next year, 13th March 2009, in London. So looking forward to that! There is also a conference that weekend, if anyone is interested! Should be mind blowing! This is where Science meets Spirituality! I will report on it here on my blog, that is for sure!

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