Want to Meditate together?

Want to Meditate together?

I know we have all heard the benefits of meditating, that it brings about many benefits, and rewire our brains for more peace and joy. This is as a result of our DNA connecting to the frequency of Source within. Right there, bingo....we are wholeness. We don't have to look outside ourselves for what is wrong or needs fixing, because we have entered the space where we are whole, even if there are issues, we "feel" the wholeness.

Maybe some of you don't meditate, but do enjoy nature, and experience this feeling there.

Whatever your way, it is perfect. There is no right or wrong, there really isn't, so please don't judge yourself in anyway.

Maybe you have also heard, that meditating together, where everyone gets in touch with their wholeness in their unique way is even more powerful? Yes, it is. Together, one plus one equals eleven...it is a powerful space.

As we do this, for a specific cause, we all receive too, because being of service to others is the...

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