My low down of the Living Matrix Conference Mar 09!


Well I am back from the conference, and oh my gosh what a beautiful part of my life journey it was. Still need time to recover. I felt almost drunk yesterday, although I don’t know what that would feel like physically, this was more of a spiritual drunkenness!

Friday night, the Living Matrix movie premiere

I was nervous for some reason to go, in the sense coming face to face with people whose books have inspired me, I just had a feeling of apprehension I suppose.
But that soon passed, and real awe took over, a sense of Oneness and a sense of pleasure.
The movie was preceded by a dance by Dylan Newcomb, who is a professional dancer who has integrated dance movements to the I Ching, it was only 6 minutes, but there was a shift of energy in the auditorium as he danced. A sense of peace had ascended on all of us. I have never see auras around individuals, but the amazing thing was I actually could see his aura as he danced, and as he moved his aura would trail after him....

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