My low down of the Living Matrix Conference Mar 09!


Well I am back from the conference, and oh my gosh what a beautiful part of my life journey it was. Still need time to recover. I felt almost drunk yesterday, although I don’t know what that would feel like physically, this was more of a spiritual drunkenness!

Friday night, the Living Matrix movie premiere

I was nervous for some reason to go, in the sense coming face to face with people whose books have inspired me, I just had a feeling of apprehension I suppose.
But that soon passed, and real awe took over, a sense of Oneness and a sense of pleasure.
The movie was preceded by a dance by Dylan Newcomb, who is a professional dancer who has integrated dance movements to the I Ching, it was only 6 minutes, but there was a shift of energy in the auditorium as he danced. A sense of peace had ascended on all of us. I have never see auras around individuals, but the amazing thing was I actually could see his aura as he danced, and as he moved his aura would trail after him. It was as if he was fluid. Beautiful.
The long awaited movie was then shown, and it was amazing, giving examples of healings, and why these happen. Explanations of the living matrix that we live in are part of, this consciousness. Scientists, authors, and healers explaining this. Demetree, a boy with cerebral palsy, who had a 4 minute session with Eric Pearl, could walk for the first time and run was one examples of how anything is possible.
After the movie, Demetree and his mum came on stage too, they had been flown in from Greece for this premiere, and it was touching to see him.
There was an amazing question and answer session that followed, and the atmosphere in the auditorium was electric. All the speakers were excited, and even though we were supposed to leave the premises, approaching 11 pm, everyone wanted to carry on. But this was how it all started, and it set the mood for the whole weekend to talk about the Living Matrix that we are.


Morning lectures:
Lynne McTaggart, journalist and author of the Field, and The Intention Experiment.

She discussed the different experiments she has conducted on the web to do with using intention. She talked about one major experiment, where for ten minutes a day, for a total of eight days, thousands of people over the globe held the intention of peace and love for the fighting going on in Northern Sri Lanka. She picked this place, because it had statistics for the last two years as to how many injuries and murders there had been. Also, it was at that time a place where not a lot of people were aware of the problems that were going on there, unlike Iraq or Israel where a lot of prayers were being sent.
The results were astounding. Initially the murders and injuries increased while the intentions were being sent, but as a result of this, the government put more effort into controlling the situation, such that after that, the incidences of murders and injuries dropped. The long term results i.e. two years, have also shown that there has been a 24% drop in killings, and 41% drop in injuries overall!
There are some other experiments which you can read about on her website. She is also involved with the Magazine, What Doctors Don't Tell You.

At this point I also realised that the camera I had on me last night was missing from my bag! I remembered putting it in my bag, but maybe it hadn’t gone into my bag. So after the lecture I went looking, and it hadn’t been handed in, and someone else had lost their mobile too, which hadn’t been handed in either. Anyway, I though there is no need to get stressed about this, although I really wanted a picture with Lynne, but I kept saying thank you. I then saw a guy having his picture taken with Lynne, and I went over to him and asked him if he would mind taking my picture with Lynne, and emailing it to me. His name was Rob von Overbruggen from Rotterdam, who I later found out was a co-author of a book called, “Why am I sick?”. He kindly did so. The story of this camera is an interesting one, so keep reading to find out what happens at the end…..

Richard Flook talked about Meta Medicine, which is a methodology that allows us to understand why disease comes about. It is a precise integration of organ-mind-body-social connection for every disease. As I have done the Introductory training in Meta Medicine here in the UK with Robert and Joanne, two excellent coaches, I had a good understanding of what he was talking about.

Basically what he was saying is that you can tell using Meta Medicine, why a particular disease has manifested in that person's life. You can pinpoint it down to a particular relationship and which area of the brain the emotional relay is firing off in. At this point, this helps to then hone in on the cause of the disease, which then in turn helps when you use say Emotional Freedom Technique to any other energy releasing technique. Its like rather than walking around in the dark searching, you actually have a torch and can then see the culprit too!

Again, here the theme was that we are not just a chemical body, but we are whole beings encompassing our emotional states contribute in a big way to our physical well being.

Afternoon lectures:

Peter Fraser. Well, what I can liken listening to Peter Fraser is Albert Einstein. Of course I have never listened to Einstein, but Peter is to me a genius. He has researched quantum physics to come up with the NutriEnergetics system. This is a system whereby you can scan your energy field in 10 seconds (actually it is in 1-2 seconds, but the software looks like it takes 10 seconds, as no one would believe it if it were 1-2 seconds, there is the secret of belief!). Well, this reading then gives us an idea as to the imbalances in our body. You can read more of this on my website under Health MOT (that is what I can liken it to!).

Peter discussed with humour, so it didn't feel like you were listening to a physics lecture in the afternoon, how everything is just waves. There are waves going out, and waves coming in. So what he is saying is that there is just space communicating with space, whether it is in our bodies, or whether outside of us (which again is an illusion, as there is no out there). This wave function therefore moves "out" of us too into space and beyond, and then comes back too. Our cells are a micorcosm of the macrocosm, and so these have waves moving in and out too. This is how a cell in your big toe knows what is happening in a cell in your liver for example. Otherwise how would they know. Even chemically, this would take ages for the information to get to either of these cells. But using this model, which has come from Einstein and Milo Wolff, we can understand how cells in our bodies communicate. Also, this explains, how there is ESP, extra sensory perception, or remote viewing, anything that we think is out of the ordinary. Its all possible, if we can believe. Once we believe, we create the wave function that allows the "reality" to show it self. Phew, amazing!

Peter also mentioned, that it is in our connective tissues, our living matrix, that our consciousness resides. This is discussed in a lot more detail by James Oschman, a cell biologist, on Sunday.

Arielle Essex, was a big inspiration to listen to. She is down to earth, humble person, and tells it as it is. She explained how she found out she had a brain tumour, which she learned to understand, and then healed herself using NLP.

Through this process, she learnt how to help others do the same. She talked about 8 factors of healing, from the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This Institute is founded by Edgar Mitchell (who is in the Living Matrix Movie), a former astronaut. These 8 factors are as follows:

  1. Face the Crisis
  2. Find new meaning - every dis-ease and related symptoms are your body's way of giving you a message.
  3. Learn to express you emotions - we are not just physical bodies, our emotions play a big role in creating health or illness
  4. Create a Healing Support Team - whether is family members, or friends, this is important.
  5. Work in Partnership with Medics - work with your doctor on this. Arielle, says she couldn't have done it without her endocrinologist's support.
  6. Take control of your life
  7. Take 100% responsibility for your health
  8. Reduce stress, laugh and love!

The following factors are also important for the individual who would like to help themselves heal:

  • person has to want to heal, so that they are vibrating a co-herent energy. In other words, the person might be consciously wanting to be healthy, but if there are underlying beliefs that over-ride this then there will be a bit of a tug and war going on there on a level that the person might not even be aware.
  • person needs a chance and opportunity to heal
  • person needs to know how to heal - it doesn't matter which way they do it, but its what they believe in. If they work with their doctor on this, and use a modality of healing that they believe in, as scientific studies show that placebo works 60% of the time!

If you would like to read more then you can read Arielle's book, Compassionate Coaching.


Morning lectures

Rollin McCraty: Every lecturer added onto the brilliance of the other, and the information that Rollin shared with scientific evidence to back it all up was just brilliant.

He is the Director of Research for the HeartMath Institute. The basis of this is a fact that has been known since the 1800's and that has led to a field of study called neurocardiology, and that is that 95% of nerve impulses go from the heart to the brain! That is huge. So the implication of what daily stresses can have on our lives is huge! Because, the brain then can send out messages to release hormones that resonate with your stress levels. So if your spouse has a go at you, for example, the stress can show up in the body up to 2 hours after the event has taken place!

The heart then generates a magnetic field 5000x more than the brain, which has been measured using a magnetometer, which would again suggest how we pick up on others moods, or how a baby and mother show brain synchronisation.

An interesting experiment was done, where a sample of a lady's leucocytes were extracted, and kept alive in a lab, while the woman went on with her daily activities. She was asked to note down specific times and events in her day. That particular day, she was having a cyst removed in outpatients clinic. When she had it removed and the doctor asked her is she wanted to see it, she agreed, but was horrified at what it looked like. At this same time her cells registered electrical activity! This correlated to the energetic connection.

Not only that, scientific studies have shown how we have access to a field of information that is not limited by the boundaries of time and space. Such intuitive experiences suggest that some aspect of our perceptual apparatus is continuously scanning the future!

HearthMath Institute have software, that allows one to monitor their Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is different than heart beat. So if someone was anxious and not coherent, their HRV would be incoherent compared to someone who was in a state of coherence. But it is not necessary to buy this software. I attended Rollin's workshop on the Monday, and found that there are such simple ways to allow and train yourself to be in a coherent state.

The other thing that was discussed was how it is becoming increasingly apparent that invisible magnetic influences emanating from the sun and earth affect life from birth to death. Studies have shown that there have been 36% increase in admissions for depression after geomagnetic storms. Mass human activity is also influenced by these outside influences.

Roger Nelson has been measuring these all over the world, and what he has found is that our emotions interact with his machines. He has these machines located at certain locations around the world, and he looks at the readings of these and compares them to each other. The probability of these machines have readings that are close is very small, yet during events like 9/11 and Princess Diana's death, a few hours prior to these events there was a noticeable shift on these readings. So we perceived these events collectively before they happened too unconsciously.

Also, Rollin was saying that they are measuring a "ionosphere" in the atmosphere, which is a highly charged layer in our atmosphere, like a soap bubble. There are magnetometers that can measure the continuous rhythms of this layer which produces plasma waves, and this is likened to measuring the brain and heart rhythms of the planet! These measurements look very similar to the HRV rhythms of our hearts! So again, it shows how we are a microcosm of the macrocosm! This just takes my breath away...


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