Is Lack of Self Worth Sabotaging your Goals?

Lack of Self Worth? And what does that have to go with you achieving your goals? There is a very big connection between the two, read more here.

Is Lack of Self Worth Sabotaging your Goals

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Peace, Magic and Love

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Bursting the Bubble on Genes


I'm SO excited to share with you my new video, Bursting the Bubble on Genes. My aim in making this video was to bring simplicity to understanding the basics of Epigenetics, and that is that the control of our genes in not the genes themselves but the environment.

What environment? Your internal environment, that is your emotions, beliefs and perceptions, and your external environment.

This is a big message, as up till now all we have been taught to believe is that we are victims to our genes. It is time for change.....internally, and this allows you to shift your biology....

I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.

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