My Destiny with DNA is written in my Name...AND SO IS YOURS

Recently I met this wonderful woman, who is an amazing numerologist. I was introduced to her to receive a numerology reading, during a difficult period in my life.

What I learnt from the reading, based on my birth name, was beyond what I would have imagined. Heather James, says it better then I can explain it:

"I wanted to share this amazing find with you.. I previously did a Numerology reading for the amazing Epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar.

Charan works with healing and realigning peoples core DNA structure.
I was absolutely astounded to see that she has ‘DNA HEALER’ literally written into her name!

The human body has 23 sex chromosomes arranged in 46 pairs..

Charan has a first name number 46...
And a last name number 23...

When I take into account Charan’s 11/2 master lifepath number and her 6 destiny ( the number of healing) this proves to me with little doubt that Charan can in fact heal people at the deepest level of their blueprint.

I’m completely...

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Gratitude is an Inside Job

I previously wrote about Gratitude and how you can begin to create the feeling of gratitude.
But yes, life is tough, things happen and how can we have gratitude when we are really feeling awful maybe even physically.

I don't believe that we can shove all those feelings away, and say "hey I'm going to feel gratitude".

Why? Because your body, knows you aren't telling the truth. It really does.
Then on the other hand we know that having gratitude can begin to change the neural pathways in the brain, and switch on and off the genes that allow for inflammation to reduce.
But it is frustrating isn't it? When someone tells you feel the gratitude, and inside you, you feel like screaming because there is either pain, or a certain situation in your life that is causing you agony.

I'm not here to tell you to do anything....but to feel your truth. What is that?
Feel what you feel, really, but this time, don't JUDGE it. Feel it.....

What does that do?
Well it allows your nervous system to relax,...

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Is Your DNA Connected to Gratitude?

We hear a lot about gratitude, but how is your DNA connected to Gratitude?

Well, this month is Thanksgiving in the United States, but being thankful isn't just for one day.

  • How can we bring gratitude into our lives every moment
  • How can we "be" gratitude?

Our DNA is responding to our every thought, and our every emotion, wouldn't it be magical to feel the gratitude more?

Yes it would, wouldn't it....

For this month, I am going to play more with you, on how and why it is so important for us to be able to take this gratitude into every moment in our lives, and how that then impacts our DNA, which then impacts our biology.

But first what is gratitude?

I love this quote, to me it says it all...

But how can you have gratitude if things are difficult, or you have an issue that is shouting out at you in your body. It can be difficult to get in touch with gratitude. I hear you...

But what if you could...

Are you willing to play with me for a week, with...

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Are You Fully Embodied? What's DNA Got To Do With It?

Do you spend most of your time thinking about the past or the future? Most of us, have a tendency to do this, and when we do we are not in our body, including me. Transformation as many ancient spiritual traditions have taught happens when we are present in the here and now. But yes it is a concept that is difficult to grasp.

In writing this article I wanted to share how I learnt to grasp this concept on a much deeper level in 2014, then I have ever done before because most of my life I have lived outside myself. And with great transparency I add that, I have had many years, actually most of my life, where I have been doing things to change my body or my life. Only in this last year did I begin to really feel the depth of embodiment and the power it brings until last year.

Have you tried to change your body weight by changing things on the outside?
Have you tried to shift things in your business or life by changing things on the outside?

Of course the outside changes are...

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Blessing Your DNA

Can we bless our DNA to better health?
One aspect of being happy and healthy is being able to make choices that bring us fulfillment by expressing ourselves creatively but mainly by making others happy. This was one of the results of a happiness study done by social scientists.
What does blessing have to do with this?...
Read more here in this article I was inspired to write about this.

Blessing Your DNA
I've also created a video to go with this as a gift to you. Enjoy! :)

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