Gratitude is an Inside Job

I previously wrote about Gratitude and how you can begin to create the feeling of gratitude.
But yes, life is tough, things happen and how can we have gratitude when we are really feeling awful maybe even physically.

I don't believe that we can shove all those feelings away, and say "hey I'm going to feel gratitude".

Why? Because your body, knows you aren't telling the truth. It really does.
Then on the other hand we know that having gratitude can begin to change the neural pathways in the brain, and switch on and off the genes that allow for inflammation to reduce.
But it is frustrating isn't it? When someone tells you feel the gratitude, and inside you, you feel like screaming because there is either pain, or a certain situation in your life that is causing you agony.

I'm not here to tell you to do anything....but to feel your truth. What is that?
Feel what you feel, really, but this time, don't JUDGE it. Feel it.....

What does that do?
Well it allows your nervous system to relax, because really now you are TRULY acknowledging all of you. Before that you were feeling like you had one part of you pushing that "thing" away, because you don't want it. So you felt like there were many parts of you all having their own voices, driving you crazy.

But, now I do invite you to in every moment, whatever you are feeling to say,

"thank you for getting my attention, thank you for being so loud in order to get me to hear you".

Can you feel the Truth in that? Yes, it still hurts. I get that. I really do.

But now when you acknowledge it, you are accepting that your body has been trying to get your attention. It is like if you have a child trying to get your attention, if you push them away, they will only get louder. But by listening to them, they can quieten down. The same goes for your body.

Here is then where the magic can happen.

You've listened.........and in every moment continue to listen. where the gratitude begins to emerge.

The truth is, it isn't a one time thing, nope. It takes continuous diligence, just like with a child, to listen and not judge the body.

Your body is truly miraculous, it wants to heal, and it can heal.

By listening to your body and not judging, you begin to come into that natural harmony and rhythm of the universe. You get in touch with that invisible consciousness, which supports, protects, heals, and maintains us in every single moment.
This is the why gratitude is an inside job.....every moment, that then allows for the brain to begin create new neural pathways, and the genes that help reduce inflammation to come into play.

Why? Because now you are playing with the symphony of the universe, not against it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.53.21I recently did a blab, on Epigenetics, DNA and Gratitude, where I worked with the wonderful Allison Crow. It is a great demo, on how when we follow the wisdom in the body, the gratitude begins to flow from inside....

And as I work on her, you get the benefits too, just by following along. :)

Here's to you, and the magic of gratitude that resides in You...

Thank you, and I Love You...

Infinite Blessings


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