My Destiny with DNA is written in my Name...AND SO IS YOURS

Recently I met this wonderful woman, who is an amazing numerologist. I was introduced to her to receive a numerology reading, during a difficult period in my life.

What I learnt from the reading, based on my birth name, was beyond what I would have imagined. Heather James, says it better then I can explain it:

"I wanted to share this amazing find with you.. I previously did a Numerology reading for the amazing Epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar.

Charan works with healing and realigning peoples core DNA structure.
I was absolutely astounded to see that she has ‘DNA HEALER’ literally written into her name!

The human body has 23 sex chromosomes arranged in 46 pairs..

Charan has a first name number 46...
And a last name number 23...

When I take into account Charan’s 11/2 master lifepath number and her 6 destiny ( the number of healing) this proves to me with little doubt that Charan can in fact heal people at the deepest level of their blueprint.

I’m completely blown away."

On reflection, I know life has brought me many gifts, showing up as moments of despair and happiness, but always, always I had a vision, and that was to help people. Each step of the way I was guided, by the Source or Universal Life Force energy within, to move towards this. And each step of the way, I followed my heart, no matter what, and here I am now aligned to my soul's destiny.

We all have this written within us, it is the power that is within us. I always say "Express the Power in Your DNA", and that is exactly what I mean. That we you can align to your soul's destiny too, however that shows up in every moment by being aligned to your inner truth. How do you get to that? By becoming present to whatever you feel, in every moment. Sadness, or joy or grief, whatever it is, that is you being AUTHENTIC to YOU. In that moment you can allow yourself to feel what you feel, you become aligned to your soul's destiny.
You might not be able to see the big picture, I never did. But what I did know is that if I followed my heart I would always be guided.
The minute you become present with yourself, you move into alignment with your DNA, and that shows up as health, wellbeing, and is reflected back to you in your day to day life. That doesn't mean life doesn't throw curveballs, you just become better at catching them and being present to them....

Infinite Blessings


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