Are You Fully Embodied? What's DNA Got To Do With It?

Do you spend most of your time thinking about the past or the future? Most of us, have a tendency to do this, and when we do we are not in our body, including me. 
Transformation as many ancient spiritual traditions have taught happens when we are present in the here and now. But yes it is a concept that is difficult to grasp.

In writing this article I wanted to share how I learnt to grasp this concept on a much deeper level in 2014, then I have ever done before because most of my life I have lived outside myself. And with great transparency I add that, I have had many years, actually most of my life, where I have been doing things to change my body or my life. Only in this last year did I begin to really feel the depth of embodiment and the power it brings until last year.

Have you tried to change your body weight by changing things on the outside?
Have you tried to shift things in your business or life by changing things on the outside?

Of course the outside changes are important, BUT here is the million dollar question:
Have you tried to change things on the outside coming from a place of lack on the inside, making decisions from the past and fear of the future?

This my friends, is the old paradigm and now we are moving into this new way of being. If each of us could awaken to the potential that lives within us, and we do this by being fully embodied, we would recognise the powerhouse that we are, and what can then shift on the outside from that internal shift, allowing magic to flow.

I remember saying to a friend “having a body is like concentrating God/Divinity Consciousness into one place that allows us to manifest and play with so much!


I want to share here what the main steps in helping me feel more embodied were, and also give you some golden nuggets of wisdom that I learnt from my experience that maybe of assistance to you too on your journey.

One of the first things I did was hire a business coach, Ronda Wada. What does a business coach have to do with embodiment? As Ronda has reminded me many times “you've chosen your business to evolve your soul”. Having identified my Divine Coordinates (my soul signature as seen in the diagram below) with Ronda allowed me to recognise what my “soul purpose” was and why I was here doing what I felt compelled to do, allowing me to embody myself on a whole new level. This allowed my business and life to begin to move forward without effort, because I was just Being me!

Charan's DC

The next treasure was beginning to workout physically with Samantha Fox Olson (who lives in beautiful Kauai!). I have worked out for many years, and never ever worked out in the way that Sam held the space for me to do. Full embodiment, full presence in your body as you workout, this is SO, so powerful as I discovered because you aren’t coming from wanting to exercise because you have to, or need to and all the old belief systems that we have been taught or just picked up from the collective!

It is about coming together, mind, body and spirit and honouring your body. Can you feel how powerful that is??

Why is embodiment so very important?

When we become embodied, the whole Universe moves through us. Yes, let me say that again, the whole Universe moves through us with a freedom and joy like never before, so of course you begin to see shifts in your body, business and life like never before. The magic that unfolds is tremendous. We become a powerhouse, and I truly mean that on all levels. But specifically it allows our cells to vibrate with joy, the feeling of deep joy and when that happens the DNA becomes activated to be positively expressed, creating proteins that bring us health and wellbeing on such a deep level.

This year, 2015, having learnt through so much last year, I am open to taking this embodiment moment by moment and opening up to so much more in my business and life. As we do this together, we are helping the planet evolve, and no matter what is going on externally when we are embodied and come from divine love, can you feel the shifts we can create on this planet?? I certainly can, and want to ask you to join hands with me and let us do this together…thanking you for Being you, mind, body and spirit.

Every day, and in every moment wherever you are ask yourself:
- what would it take for me to be fully embodied in this moment?
- how much presence can I bring to my day and every moment?

…and be the love that you are….

Blessings and Love


If you would like to clear the path to feeling and being embodied no matter what is going on for you, write to me at [email protected] and let me know. Here to hold the space for you and your heart.


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