Articles and Interviews by Charan Surdhar


I've been writing articles for Healers Library for a while now along with some video interviews and radio shows, and here is the latest listing of all of these. :)

Feel free to browse through them.
I will continue to post the latest article on this page: List of Articles

Christmas Sprouts and Heart Walls?

Law of Attraction and Emotional Healing

Is it Safe to Let Go?

Dr David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness and the Emotion Code

Families and Trapped Emotions

Hormones and your Health

Beat the Flu Season and Emotions

What does Finding Love have to do with a HeartWall?

December 2012, HeartWalls and Creative Insecurity?

Stress Hormones and The Emotion Code

Tragedies and Heart Walls

Epigenetics and the Emotion Code

Sound and the Body Code

Angelina Jolie: Could knowledge of Epigenetics have prevented the Mastectomy?

Four Things to Know about Energy Healing

The Emotion Code and The Body Code – what is the difference?

The Heart Wall and The Man of Steel

Emotion Code and Pregnancy

Buildings and Emotions

Starting in Neutral Gear

How DOES the Emotion Code work?

Children and The Emotion Code

Leptin and Weight Release from the Inside Out

Is Lack of Self Worth Sabotaging your Goals

How Do Emotions Get Trapped

Is Being Allergy Free Possible

Blessing Your DNA

Trapped Emotions vs Absorbed Emotions. What’s the Difference?

The Beginnings of the Heart

A Mouth Full of Miracles

Hay Fever Can it Be Reversed?


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