Emotion Code and Pregnancy


Pregnancy, is associated with fertility, nurturing, love and so much more. It can also bring up feelings of being protective and wanting to be safe. All these are natural and part of the whole process.
It makes sense then that there is some caution when it comes to working on the baby in utero and with the mother while she is pregnant, because it naturally brings up feelings of wanting to protect the child and it’s growth.

In order to come back to a place of nurturing rather of protection, it is important to understand how the Emotion Code works. This would allow the mother to make a decision on whether this is something that will help her and her baby during pregnancy rather then do harm.

Everything is energy. Our organs, our blood, the nutrients in our blood that move across the placenta into the baby, the cells of the baby and mother – all of it is energy. Because when we look at the cells, and further down to the DNA, we get atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons – then just energy. Our emotions are also energy, and these can get trapped in the body. These trapped emotions have their own frequency and can “alter” the frequency of our organs and tissues.

These emotions can also get trapped around the heart, as a Heart-Wall. Why is this so important to know?
The heart is the first organ that forms in the baby, and it then sends out information to the cells of the growing fetus, as to where and what needs to grow and into what. In the same way the heart of the mother is vital in sending out information to her organs and glands as to how her body is regulated during pregnancy, including the baby, as it is part of her.

Having trapped emotions around the body or around the heart as a Heart-Wall, can impact how the baby’s growth happens, how it receives nutrients and so on and so forth. 

The Emotion Code is a safe modality, that uses kinesiology or muscle testing to connect with the subconscious mind to find out what emotions are trapped and when they were trapped. The subconscious mind, holds 95% of the information in our mind as compared to the conscious mind which is only aware of 5%.

Using the Emotion Code, can allow access to emotions that are trapped in the body of mother and baby that may be impeding or getting in the way of optimal growth of the baby, and to help nourish the baby.
This modality can be done from a distance, and the practitioner connects with the mother’s subconscious mind to identify the trapped emotions and then release them.

How are the emotions released once identified?

Once identified the emotion can be released by running a magnet down the back along the governing meridian, and when working from a distance the practitioner runs the magnet over her or his head along the same meridian. The magnet can be a normal fridge magnet and even the tips of the fingers can be used as they are magnetic too. We are naturally magnetic, and for this reason this doesn’t harm the baby in anyway.
Here is a testimonial from a client I worked with in proxy, from a distance.

“I knew I had to contact Charan Surdhar to book an Emotion Code session as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. During the last few days of my first pregnancy I found out I had Obstetric Cholestasis, a liver condition that meant that my planned natural home birth was not possible. I really didn't want to have this experience again, so at 10 weeks pregnant I had a Skype session with Charan to take a look at what could have caused the liver condition. After my sessions with Charan, in the second and third trimesters I had medical tests to check whether I was still at risk. I was only going to hear back if there were any concerns and haven’t heard back and am now 37 weeks into my pregnancy, and feeling well.
At the end of the first session, Charan asked if I was suffering from morning sickness, which I was and if I wanted to help with it. It was nothing short of miraculous, I'd spent the whole session feeling sick and within minutes I felt it melt away and it never returned throughout my entire pregnancy, leaving me feeling great and very connected to my baby.”
Natasha Abudarham Black, Transformation Mentor


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