Just the other day I had a Reconnective Healing from a Terri Caldwell, a qualified practitioner.

I was given the book, The Reconnection, a few years back, and felt a sense of truth about it, and then never really gave it any thought. But recently, I kept seeing it in magazines, and last year I met Terri at a show and had a taster session. That was a year ago! Universe does have to work hard at getting through to us sometimes, but gently of course.

So what pushed me into having the session? Well, I happened to listen to an amazing interview with Eric Pearl (have a look at this website if you are interested, you have to buy them), and that pushed me over the fence which I had been sitting on for years!

It was the most amazing experience I have had. I was in a state where, I was not aware of my body, my mind was not there, but there was this awareness. Amazing awareness, which I can't put words to as that does not do it justice. As a hypnotherapist I know what it is like to be in a state of trance, but this was way beyond it. As for Reiki, it definitely felt different to this too.

I am so glad I had it, if anything it gave me this experience which I cherish dearly. It is not about what I "got" from it afterwards, there are no expectations. Because when we place expectations, we put a lid on what the Universe can provide us. Our minds cannot comprehend the limitlessness of the Universe, so having no expectations is a good thing, that way we are clear and allow for whatever needs to happen without the ego getting in the way.

I shall wait for the next course in London with great anticipation. But I will be meeting Eric Pearl at the Living Matrix conference in March next year, London.


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