Reconnective Healing Workshop with Eric Pearl

by Charan Surdhar


“The conclusion of these experiments was that the energy was indeed real, detectable, measurable – and quite remarkable.” Professor Gary Schwartz

I was at the Reconnective Healing workshop over a weekend. This was presented by Eric Pearl the author of “ Reconnection: heal yourself heal others”. Friday night, Eric presented the essence of healing. Saturday and Sunday was a practising workshop where we were allowed to assimilate the energies, like being in the ocean of energy. But really, by just being present at this seminar it was possible to access these Reconnective frequencies.

Over the last 15 years thousands of people have benefited from the amazing results of Reconnective Healing. The scientific community has been studying the Reconnective frequencies with a high level of interest, as to why this form of healing is achieving great results.

  • One of the things they have found, as Eric mentioned on the Friday evening, that in...
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My low down of the Living Matrix Conference Mar 09!


Well I am back from the conference, and oh my gosh what a beautiful part of my life journey it was. Still need time to recover. I felt almost drunk yesterday, although I don’t know what that would feel like physically, this was more of a spiritual drunkenness!

Friday night, the Living Matrix movie premiere

I was nervous for some reason to go, in the sense coming face to face with people whose books have inspired me, I just had a feeling of apprehension I suppose.
But that soon passed, and real awe took over, a sense of Oneness and a sense of pleasure.
The movie was preceded by a dance by Dylan Newcomb, who is a professional dancer who has integrated dance movements to the I Ching, it was only 6 minutes, but there was a shift of energy in the auditorium as he danced. A sense of peace had ascended on all of us. I have never see auras around individuals, but the amazing thing was I actually could see his aura as he danced, and as he moved his aura would trail after him....

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Buzz in my Life!



I was inspired to write this poem, it seemed to flow effortlessly out onto the paper, it is to do with the Energy that flows in out of us, which is all One and the beauty of recognising that it is One:

The Buzz

Oh the buzz

The beautiful buzz

Your energy radiating out from you

Your energy merging

into me from you

Oh the buzz

the beautiful buzz

The Oneness of this merging

Me into You

This feeling

The energy was One

Oh the Buzz

the beautiful Buzz

I continued having

from you into me

Oh the feeling

of Oneness

with everything

What Bliss

Thank you,

for sharing the ecstasy

of Pure Love

27 November 2008

Charan Surdhar

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Just the other day I had a Reconnective Healing from a Terri Caldwell, a qualified practitioner.

I was given the book, The Reconnection, a few years back, and felt a sense of truth about it, and then never really gave it any thought. But recently, I kept seeing it in magazines, and last year I met Terri at a show and had a taster session. That was a year ago! Universe does have to work hard at getting through to us sometimes, but gently of course.

So what pushed me into having the session? Well, I happened to listen to an amazing interview with Eric Pearl (have a look at this website if you are interested, you have to buy them), and that pushed me over the fence which I had been sitting on for years!

It was the most amazing experience I have had. I was in a state where, I was not aware of my body, my mind was not there, but there was this awareness. Amazing awareness, which I can't put words to as that does not do it justice. As a hypnotherapist I know what it is like to be...

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Eye problems correspond to emotions and beliefs?


I have been busy the last two weekends. I attended a course on "META-Medicine and the Eyes" conducted by Dr. Kwesi, a leading opthamologist from Germany. The other course was an introduction to "META-Medicine" held by Robert and Joanne, two amazing coaches here in Birmingham.

It was mind blowing to say the least! I am still processing the information!

Whether you have short or long-sightedness, presbyopia (long-sightedness after 40), glaucoma, cataract, or any other variety of eye issues, they can be linked in to a biological shock which occurred in your life that then manifested as the issue. I know this sounds like something just plucked out of the air! But the case studies that were presented, and the many patients that Dr Kwesi diagnoses using META Medicine, prove this.

The thing is that, not only are they events in your life, but also in conditions that one might think are inherited, he showed the link of a shock in your ancestral line can affect you too! The interesting...

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The Living Matrix Movie Trailer


The Living Matrix Movie coming out early 2009. It stars Lynne McTaggart, author of “The Field”, Bruce Lipton, author of “Biology of Belief”, Peter Fraser, co-founder of NutriEnergetics system (Health MOT here on my website), author of “Decoding the Human Body Field”, and many others.

I shall be attending the premiere next year, 13th March 2009, in London. So looking forward to that! There is also a conference that weekend, if anyone is interested! Should be mind blowing! This is where Science meets Spirituality! I will report on it here on my blog, that is for sure!

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Epi means "on top of" or "in addition to", so epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function that occur without a change in the DNA sequence. Bruce Lipton PhD, is a cell biologist, who is the author of "The Biology of Belief", an award winning book, and states that our beliefs can change the expression of our genes. This is where Science does meet Spirit. This means we are not a victim to our genes, as previously believed, we are responsible for our health. Not only our health but the health of generations to come. BBC Horizon programme featured this topic, have a look at this article that explains how studies have been done around the world showing how this is true.

As a geneticist myself, I found this revolutionary, as we are no longer a victim to our genes, we control them by the beliefs we hold. These beliefs can be ours or from our ancestors, passed on to us. Bruce Lipton, says that a child between the ages of one and six is in a hypnogogic state, that...

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Lose Fat by Exercising Less

By Al Sears, MD


Don't make the mistake of thinking that burning fat during a cardio workout will keep the fat off. Long-duration cardio will stimulate your body to build back any fat burned. And if you do it long enough, the unnatural stress will give you a stooped, weak, arthritic, tired, and old body shape.

Your body makes metabolic "decisions" based on its reading of your environment - which means that the sustainable benefits of exercise happen after you stop exercising. During long-duration workouts, your body thinks to itself, "I'm burning fat. I need to make sure I have enough fat - at all times - so I don't run out of fuel during these stressful periods." As a result, your body will actually start to make and store more fat as soon as you finish the workout. This is your body's defensive response to an unnatural condition you created.

To burn fat and keep it off, you need to give your body the right challenge - a challenge that triggers your body to stop, not...

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Thought & Universal Laws

By Deepak Lodhia


What could thought possibly have to do with cause and effect? Since thought has no apparent measurable physical structure, it is considered to be spiritual. You can’t see it, smell it, touch it, taste it, or even feel it, but we know it exists. It exists only as a vibration.

Remembering what we have learned from the Law Of Attraction we know that vibrations that are of a particular frequency and intensity, attract to themselves alike vibrations, to bring into the physical world the result of the initial seed that was planted – in this case, thought. Just as the sunflower seed required nurturing (sun and water) your thought seed will grow according to whatever you feed to it or nurture it with. The thought, just like the sunflower seed, can only produce an outcome that is in relation to, and correlates with the seed that is planted. If your thought seed consists of fear, anxiety and doubt, we now know that through the predictable and unwavering...

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