Want to Meditate together?

Want to Meditate together?

I know we have all heard the benefits of meditating, that it brings about many benefits, and rewire our brains for more peace and joy. This is as a result of our DNA connecting to the frequency of Source within. Right there, bingo....we are wholeness. We don't have to look outside ourselves for what is wrong or needs fixing, because we have entered the space where we are whole, even if there are issues, we "feel" the wholeness.

Maybe some of you don't meditate, but do enjoy nature, and experience this feeling there.

Whatever your way, it is perfect. There is no right or wrong, there really isn't, so please don't judge yourself in anyway.

Maybe you have also heard, that meditating together, where everyone gets in touch with their wholeness in their unique way is even more powerful? Yes, it is. Together, one plus one equals eleven...it is a powerful space.

As we do this, for a specific cause, we all receive too, because being of service to others is the...

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Daily Prayers to Clear out the Trauma of your Ancestors from your DNA

The other day I was going about my business around the house, and usually as I do this, I am listening to inspirational talks, or just being in silence and present to myself. This thought just popped in every so quietly into my heart, and that was "create daily prayers, that people can listen to, on specific topics, so that as they listen they can begin to clear out their DNA, and integrate into wholeness."

As it popped in, I felt this rush of excitement, as I knew the potential this had to change lives on such a deep level, right down to the DNA, not only for people who listened to these, but for their children and parents too! That is epigenetics in action.

Since then I have sat down in meditation every day and asked what the topic of the day is to be, and so far the topics have been:

  • Step into the Power within You
  • Love
  • Fear
  • Abundance

Here is the link to where you can access all of these and the ones I will be adding daily, or as inspired to do so. DAILY PRAYERS TO CLEAR OUT...

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My Destiny with DNA is written in my Name...AND SO IS YOURS

Recently I met this wonderful woman, who is an amazing numerologist. I was introduced to her to receive a numerology reading, during a difficult period in my life.

What I learnt from the reading, based on my birth name, was beyond what I would have imagined. Heather James, says it better then I can explain it:

"I wanted to share this amazing find with you.. I previously did a Numerology reading for the amazing Epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar.

Charan works with healing and realigning peoples core DNA structure.
I was absolutely astounded to see that she has ‘DNA HEALER’ literally written into her name!

The human body has 23 sex chromosomes arranged in 46 pairs..

Charan has a first name number 46...
And a last name number 23...

When I take into account Charan’s 11/2 master lifepath number and her 6 destiny ( the number of healing) this proves to me with little doubt that Charan can in fact heal people at the deepest level of their blueprint.

I’m completely...

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Witness a Live session - Woman goes from Fear to no Fear


Is it possible that what you are experiencing in your life is not as a result of what you have done wrong?

I explain this to all my clients....because it is true.

So then the question is, if you can't say it is as a result of what you've done, then how can you resolve it, and where does it come from, right?

Well, what if it is as a result of the energy you hold, coming from the traumas of your ancestors, that is around your DNA, and every perception you have. Alongside this, you also have the beliefs of your ancestors as a result of those traumas, and that of your own from a young age too impacting your perception.

So what does this mean really?

Every perception you have, impacts your biology, and how your DNA is expressed. Meaning, your health, your patterns and behaviours all forming your life the way you see it.

I recently did a Facebook live with a lovely lady, who was in fear of her health, and was having nightmares about it, having suffered for many years.

Here is the video of...

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Frequencies, Frogs and DNA?

What?? Frequencies, Frogs and DNA? What in the heck you must be saying has that got to do with you, right?

Yes. It has EVERYTHING to do with you, and how you show up in this world.

In all ways, my friend...yup. All ways.

You see, everything is frequency. Everything. Including you. Your DNA. All of you.

And everything your energy field is then swimming around in is also frequency.

You know, how when you walk into a room and can feel the vibes in it? Yes, that is a frequency.

So, what have frogs got to do with this? Well, there is a Russian scientist who has done some experiments where he played with frog eggs and salamander eggs. He played with frequencies with these eggs, and the result is astounding. Astounding because it gives us insight into how much we are impacted by frequencies.

So then the thing is what if we can then become aware of this, and allow ourselves to tune into our hearts and be our truth right? I know not always easy. But your heart is the biggest frequency...

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Self Love in Your DNA?

What the heck does that mean?

Self love and your DNA??

I hear you.

Here's the thing, let me ask you this.
How do you feel about your body right now?

How do you feel about what is showing up for you in your relationships, with yourself included?

Do you feel you wish all of these areas could be better?

One thing to get here, is I don't at all mean we walk around in a "love" state all the time. No, not at all. So let's define self love first. This is my definition, maybe someone else has said it this way using different words, but here is how my heart feels it.

Self Love: Loving all of you, loving what comes up, no matter what. Love that comes organically from within, and allows you to be you, no matter what. 

This is how I see it.

Inside us is consciousness, it is who we all are. It runs the show, it runs how your body works. There is such an amazing perfection with how it runs everything. It is like a river that informs the DNA what proteins to make, in which way to respond....

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Gratitude is an Inside Job

I previously wrote about Gratitude and how you can begin to create the feeling of gratitude.
But yes, life is tough, things happen and how can we have gratitude when we are really feeling awful maybe even physically.

I don't believe that we can shove all those feelings away, and say "hey I'm going to feel gratitude".

Why? Because your body, knows you aren't telling the truth. It really does.
Then on the other hand we know that having gratitude can begin to change the neural pathways in the brain, and switch on and off the genes that allow for inflammation to reduce.
But it is frustrating isn't it? When someone tells you feel the gratitude, and inside you, you feel like screaming because there is either pain, or a certain situation in your life that is causing you agony.

I'm not here to tell you to do anything....but to feel your truth. What is that?
Feel what you feel, really, but this time, don't JUDGE it. Feel it.....

What does that do?
Well it allows your nervous system to relax,...

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Your DNA is Unique


Your DNA is Unique

Your DNA is Unique, just as we are unique in what we love to eat, or do in our lives.

I had a great conversation recently with Matt Riemann about what Epigenetics means for our emotional and physical health that I'm sure you'll enjoy and benefit a lot from.
You can watch the link replay here, Online Health Summit.

Thanks as always for your support.
If you have any questions, please comment below.

Infinite Blessings

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Is Your DNA Connected to Gratitude?

We hear a lot about gratitude, but how is your DNA connected to Gratitude?

Well, this month is Thanksgiving in the United States, but being thankful isn't just for one day.

  • How can we bring gratitude into our lives every moment
  • How can we "be" gratitude?

Our DNA is responding to our every thought, and our every emotion, wouldn't it be magical to feel the gratitude more?

Yes it would, wouldn't it....

For this month, I am going to play more with you, on how and why it is so important for us to be able to take this gratitude into every moment in our lives, and how that then impacts our DNA, which then impacts our biology.

But first what is gratitude?

I love this quote, to me it says it all...

But how can you have gratitude if things are difficult, or you have an issue that is shouting out at you in your body. It can be difficult to get in touch with gratitude. I hear you...

But what if you could...

Are you willing to play with me for a week, with...

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Special Invite To Play With Me, Alongside Bruce Lipton And Others!


I'm excited to share with you, that I have been invited to be part of the first ever Personalized Online Health Summit which is launching from October 12th — October 23rd and I want to make sure that you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest in health science and practice. And the good news - it’s all completely FREE!

Why Health?

Because we know our deepest wish is just to be happy. And when you don’t have to worry about being sick or fighting disease, it’s easyto be happy. You can enjoy life more, feel less stress, look better, feel better, and be motivated to achieve all the things you’ve ever wanted to achieve…!

And why Personalized?

Because at one time or another we’ve all been heard saying “I’ve tried everything… every type of diet/nutrition regimen (high carb, low carb, no carb, high fat, low fat, eating 5 small meals a day, fasting, vegetarian, vegan, paleo,...

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