Self Love in Your DNA?

What the heck does that mean?

Self love and your DNA??

I hear you.

Here's the thing, let me ask you this.
How do you feel about your body right now?

How do you feel about what is showing up for you in your relationships, with yourself included?

Do you feel you wish all of these areas could be better?

One thing to get here, is I don't at all mean we walk around in a "love" state all the time. No, not at all. So let's define self love first. This is my definition, maybe someone else has said it this way using different words, but here is how my heart feels it.

Self Love: Loving all of you, loving what comes up, no matter what. Love that comes organically from within, and allows you to be you, no matter what. 

This is how I see it.

Inside us is consciousness, it is who we all are. It runs the show, it runs how your body works. There is such an amazing perfection with how it runs everything. It is like a river that informs the DNA what proteins to make, in which way to respond. This is perfection. It is so intelligent, beyond what our minds can conceive.

So then, why are we not happy with what is showing up, like an illness, or genetic condition, or just how you feel about yourself, or your relationships?

There is a tendency for many to say, "it must be because I did something that I have this illness, or why I can't have a relationship.... (fill in the blank)".

One thing I say to all my clients is this "It's not your fault." Can you hear those words for yourself? Really let them sink in....

Because it is true. Time and time again, with clients, I have seen that this is not true.

How? It goes against everything you have learnt in the self help world doesn't it?

This is why. This consciousness that comes through us, is self love, it is perfection as I have said, BUT when it comes through the filters of frequencies that make up you it gets "coloured", and is then reflected back at you in what feels like it is "not right". (Let me add here, that that is not a judgement, but just what doesn't feel aligned to your truth, and you know in your heart what that feels like.)

What are these frequencies then?

3 things:

  1. What you inherited from your parents at birth, that goes back many generations from ancestors who went through trauma or life experiences
  2. The collective - there are so many collective beliefs, that we pick up and it then becomes part of our experience
  3. Traumas or life experiences that you yourself have experienced and results in these still energetically attached to you

All these become filters through which this consciousness is expressed.

None of these are "your fault", it is just what your energy field consists of. This takes away the blame, and helps you settle back into yourself and be empowered...knowing now you can shift your experience.

How can you then get in touch with the Self Love or that river of consciousness within?

  1. Having awareness that it does exist.
  2. Ask "where am I?", come back to your body. Not to be in your past or future, but here in the body.
  3. Feeling...without judgement, as to what exists within. What sensations are you feeling when someone says something to you? What sensations do you feel when you feel hopeless about your body or what is happening in your life?
  4. By feeling the sensations, we get in touch with the Self Love and right there, it begins to move through and run through the "filters", and there the energy begins to shift.

How does this impact your DNA?

  • As you become aware of the sensations, it allows you the river of consciousness or self love to come through and change the expression of your DNA, in a way that is aligned to your truth.
  •  Lowers your inflammation.
  •  Balances your immune system, which impacts so much more, how your organs and glands function.
  •  Balancing your hormonal system.
  • How you begin to respond to your body and others.
  • much more....

Let me end by saying, always trust your heart....that is where your Self Love resides, and when we become aware of it, it moves through us with such magnificence and beauty.....

Infinite Blessings to you


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