Trapped Emotions vs Absorbed Emotions? What's the Difference?


You've heard of emotions as "energy in motion", but what is a trapped emotion and what then is the difference between a trapped emotion and an absorbed emotion?

Read up more here, and see how a pineapple phobia was caused by an absorbed emotion! :)

Trapped Emotions vs Absorbed Emotions. What’s the Difference?

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Leptin and Weight Release from the Inside Out


Leptin and Weight Release from the Inside Out ~ my next article, sharing my thoughts on this topic from the perspective of an Epigeneticist.

It is in my opinion, so important to work from the inside out, as changes internally then show up on the outside.
Read my latest article and find out how and why....

Leptin and Weight Release from the Inside Out

If you feel inspired to work on this, then please get in touch via email.

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Is Lack of Self Worth Sabotaging your Goals?

Lack of Self Worth? And what does that have to go with you achieving your goals? There is a very big connection between the two, read more here.

Is Lack of Self Worth Sabotaging your Goals

If you feel inspired to work on this, then please email me.

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Epigenetics and The Passion for Life


Recently, I worked with Kayla. I love the passion she has for wanting to BE love, and to be HER.

How is this possible when you have a family and so many demands? We all have that question pop up now and again.

Kayla, inspires me with how she can be a mum and a wife, and learn everyday with all the different demands of life to create a life that is full of love and joy.

She writes with passion about her life, the joys, the not-so-joy moments, all from her heart.
Every time I interact with her whether through her blogs or personal messages she lights up my heart.

What has Epigenetics got to do with this?

When it comes to epigenetics and positive gene expression, it isn't about moving away from the demands of life, in order to go and meditate some where with no interactions. It is about living each moment with choice, each moment knowing that YOU have CHOICE.

After our work together, she wrote this blogpost about our work together, and I wanted to share it here to just share...

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Beginnings of the Heart - Emotion Code


"As the heart pumps, it puts out an electromagnetic field, full of information that radiates out to all cells of the body. This field continues out from the body into its field, or environment. Why would this be important? Because it is this “heart field” which informs the cells where to go and exactly what to form into in the fetus. It is the field of information that is resonating with creation."

Read more here... :)
The Beginnings of the Heart

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Children and The Emotion Code


The Emotion Code works so well with all, including children and animals, too.

I had the privilege of working with a lady, who then felt inspired to go home and work with her daughter who had a pineapple phobia. Interesting right?

Read on to find out what happened... :)
Children and The Emotion Code

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How DOES the Emotion Code Work?


Ever wondered how the Emotion Code and the Body Code system work?
Here is my latest article sharing how it works. :)

How DOES the Emotion Code work?

I work one to one with people all over the world over Skype, and if you feel inspired to work with me, please email me.

Being You is all that this world requires....

Love to you

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Buildings and Emotions?


Can buildings have Trapped Emotions, and have leaks or structural problems to get our attention to release them?

Here is an article I wrote on this topic after having a water leak in my house...

Buildings and Emotions

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Emotion Code and Pregnancy


Pregnancy, is associated with fertility, nurturing, love and so much more. It can also bring up feelings of being protective and wanting to be safe. All these are natural and part of the whole process.
It makes sense then that there is some caution when it comes to working on the baby in utero and with the mother while she is pregnant, because it naturally brings up feelings of wanting to protect the child and it’s growth.

In order to come back to a place of nurturing rather of protection, it is important to understand how the Emotion Code works. This would allow the mother to make a decision on whether this is something that will help her and her baby during pregnancy rather then do harm.

Everything is energy. Our organs, our blood, the nutrients in our blood that move across the placenta into the baby, the cells of the baby and mother – all of it is energy. Because when we look at the cells, and further down to the DNA, we get atoms, protons, neutrons, and...

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Would Epigenetics Have Prevented Angelina Jolie From Having a Mastectomy?


With all the recent news that Angelina Jolie had a bilateral mastectomy to prevent having cancer because she was told that she was more likely to get breast and ovarian cancer, it has made me think deeply about our beliefs around illness and wellbeing, on many levels. It has also made me realise how important it is to get the information about epigenetics out to the public.

Why do I feel this way? Because less then 10% of cancer has a hereditary basis to it! We are still living in the old paradigm where genetics was thought to be the major contributory factor that causes cancer. What we now know is that it is our environment, both internal and external that influences whether we get cancer or not.
What are these factors? They are our emotions and our beliefs, these then influence our perception of the world, and this is such a huge contributory factor to whether a cancer develops or not.
Each gene isn't read in one way, it can be read in 30,000 different ways and this is...

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