Would Epigenetics Have Prevented Angelina Jolie From Having a Mastectomy?


With all the recent news that Angelina Jolie had a bilateral mastectomy to prevent having cancer because she was told that she was more likely to get breast and ovarian cancer, it has made me think deeply about our beliefs around illness and wellbeing, on many levels. It has also made me realise how important it is to get the information about epigenetics out to the public.

Why do I feel this way? Because less then 10% of cancer has a hereditary basis to it! We are still living in the old paradigm where genetics was thought to be the major contributory factor that causes cancer. What we now know is that it is our environment, both internal and external that influences whether we get cancer or not.
What are these factors? They are our emotions and our beliefs, these then influence our perception of the world, and this is such a huge contributory factor to whether a cancer develops or not.
Each gene isn't read in one way, it can be read in 30,000 different ways and this is critical information here. Why? Because knowing this we know that we aren't victims to our genes but actually we have control over how our genes are read. By releasing our "filters" i.e. our emotions and beliefs we begin to perceive the world and our environment differently and this influences how the genes are read, leading to positive gene expression.

And of course, the environment also includes our nutrition and exercise too.

I have no judgements about the actions that Angelina Jolie has taken, but it has made me more passionate about wanting to get this information out there to more and that there needs to be an awareness that it is about the physical, mental, emotional levels too. Having a mastectomy doesn't mean that the underlying issues have been released that can cause the cells to go cancerous.

This is a testimonial I had from a client who had a lump in her breast:

I'm so thankful for Charan and her work and really can't recommend her highly enough! I had some therapy with Charan recently after finding a lump in my breast, I'd had some discomfort and pain for a while and something didn't quite feel right. After a few weeks I finally went to see my doctor who confirmed there was indeed a lump and referred me to a specialist on an emergency basis. While waiting for the appointment I decided to do some work with Charan as I'm a strong believer in the benefits of energy therapies and really wasn't looking forward to going to the hospital! During the session Charan released several trapped emotions and psychic traumas many of which were related to a surgery I'd had around 10 years earlier to have breast implants! The surgery was very traumatic and I went into shock afterwards but had no idea it would be in any way related to the pain I was currently experiencing! At the end of the session Charan asked how the pain in my breast now felt and I was absolutely amazed to find it had gone along with any sign of the lump! I was absolutely elated and so relieved! I went to my appointment with the specialist anyway just to be absolutely sure and was so happy when the surgeon said he couldn't feel any lump at all and I had an ultrasound scan and a mammogram both of which were completely clear! I'm so appreciative of the work Charan did with me and I continue to work with her on a regular basis for other issues I want to clear in my life.

Another important point I want to share is that we have for so long become dissociated from our bodies, and our body parts. Angelina's actions, have highlighted how we come from this place, and it is about recognising that we are "whole". When we can work as a "community of cells" rather then dissociation, it can help us to come to a place of healing and see any symptoms as messages from our body that there is a disconnection some where.

Our bodies are the manifestation of our consciousness. We can live in harmony with our bodies by listening to the messages that our bodies give us. Whether this means having medical treatment alongside energy work, it is whatever the body needs to come back to health. We are already whole, we are never broken, the messages from the body are telling us something.....let's listen, and one by one we can come to this place, we influence the collective. As the individual is the collective consciousness and vice versa, we all influence each other...we are truly One.

Would being aware of this information, prevented Angelina Jolie from having the double mastectomy? I don't know, but what I do know is that she has made me want to get this information out to many more because I know deep down in my heart, that this information can change lives.

We aren't victims to our genes....period.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my thoughts.

Here's my animated video that explains Epigenetics further:

Bruce Lipton talks here about Cancer and Epigenetics:


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