Witness a Live session - Woman goes from Fear to no Fear


Is it possible that what you are experiencing in your life is not as a result of what you have done wrong?

I explain this to all my clients....because it is true.

So then the question is, if you can't say it is as a result of what you've done, then how can you resolve it, and where does it come from, right?

Well, what if it is as a result of the energy you hold, coming from the traumas of your ancestors, that is around your DNA, and every perception you have. Alongside this, you also have the beliefs of your ancestors as a result of those traumas, and that of your own from a young age too impacting your perception.

So what does this mean really?

Every perception you have, impacts your biology, and how your DNA is expressed. Meaning, your health, your patterns and behaviours all forming your life the way you see it.

I recently did a Facebook live with a lovely lady, who was in fear of her health, and was having nightmares about it, having suffered for many years.

Here is the video of that, and know that you too will benefit from watching this, in that as I work on her, you too will be able to clear the perceptions you have, and aligning you to your truth.

Once she was able to integrate the energies, at the end she completely shifted....and that is where then the infinite possibilities of health open up too.

Here is the VIDEO.

Once you watch the video I would love to hear your feedback, to hear how it has impacted you too.

Infinite Blessings
Charan Surdhar


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