Emotion Code and Pregnancy


Pregnancy, is associated with fertility, nurturing, love and so much more. It can also bring up feelings of being protective and wanting to be safe. All these are natural and part of the whole process.
It makes sense then that there is some caution when it comes to working on the baby in utero and with the mother while she is pregnant, because it naturally brings up feelings of wanting to protect the child and it’s growth.

In order to come back to a place of nurturing rather of protection, it is important to understand how the Emotion Code works. This would allow the mother to make a decision on whether this is something that will help her and her baby during pregnancy rather then do harm.

Everything is energy. Our organs, our blood, the nutrients in our blood that move across the placenta into the baby, the cells of the baby and mother – all of it is energy. Because when we look at the cells, and further down to the DNA, we get atoms, protons, neutrons, and...

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Bursting the Bubble on Genes


I'm SO excited to share with you my new video, Bursting the Bubble on Genes. My aim in making this video was to bring simplicity to understanding the basics of Epigenetics, and that is that the control of our genes in not the genes themselves but the environment.

What environment? Your internal environment, that is your emotions, beliefs and perceptions, and your external environment.

This is a big message, as up till now all we have been taught to believe is that we are victims to our genes. It is time for change.....internally, and this allows you to shift your biology....

I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.

Shared with love


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Bursting the Bubble Around the Heart


Here's my latest fun, animated video in the series "Bursting the Bubble.."

Do you suffer from depression, or a feeling of not being connected, or even a feeling that there seems to be a barrier in the way of you giving and receiving love?

Maybe you have a Heart Wall...

Watch my video to find out more.

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Ever wonder what true unconditional love is?

How to get there?

How your fears get in the way of feeling this space?

Here is a call I did that shares all these and more.

Please also have a look at this new online wellness center, Mind Body Spirit U, where I'm on working with some amazing women.

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Stepping out of my comfort zone


Yesterday I was interviewed, at 4am my time, by Deidre Howard, who I have recently met on Facebook. The story of how we met was synchronistic, but it was through this meeting that this interview came about.

I jumped at the possibility of being interviewed and the date was set. But what was amazing was how much I learnt about myself in the whole process.

We are so used to being a certain way, and when we come out of the box so to speak, it can be challenging. Our brain begins to send out alert signals all over the place that we are not safe. But this is because, it wants to protect us or so we think! So when these signals begin to speed along the body, creating sirens, (yes that is the way I felt), a lot of issues began to bubble up within me.  So it was interesting observing this within myself, the bubbles of insecurities, bubbles of past events in my life that made me feel not accepted by others, and the list goes on and on!

With the help of some amazing friends, Paul...

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