Stepping out of my comfort zone


Yesterday I was interviewed, at 4am my time, by Deidre Howard, who I have recently met on Facebook. The story of how we met was synchronistic, but it was through this meeting that this interview came about.

I jumped at the possibility of being interviewed and the date was set. But what was amazing was how much I learnt about myself in the whole process.

We are so used to being a certain way, and when we come out of the box so to speak, it can be challenging. Our brain begins to send out alert signals all over the place that we are not safe. But this is because, it wants to protect us or so we think! So when these signals begin to speed along the body, creating sirens, (yes that is the way I felt), a lot of issues began to bubble up within me.  So it was interesting observing this within myself, the bubbles of insecurities, bubbles of past events in my life that made me feel not accepted by others, and the list goes on and on!

With the help of some amazing friends, Paul Zelizer, John Soriano, and Charlotte Kamman I uncovered these issues that were coming in the way, of my expressing my passion in life. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), helped clear these up like magic, and I was then able to express myself with passion and love to serve others, helping them release their true inner potential. This interview was just one way of my expression of this joy that I would love to share with others.

The last month has been an interesting journey for me, as I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I have had a ball with my emotions, and being able to learn to express my true inner potential by shining through the barriers. It is something that we all experience, and hope my learning can be of use to you too, if you feel you are stuck in a certain comfort zone.

Love you all!


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