The Innocence of Earth and Us


On many levels in our lives, we feel that certain things are not "right", or wish things could be different, or just a feeling of dissatisfaction on many levels about maybe our bodies, money issues,  and of course the list goes on.

Today, I facilitated a life between lives session with a wonderful lady. She like all had some issues and felt a deep desire to have some direction in certain areas of her life.  She also mentioned her deep connection to Earth, and how she loves it, and all animals and how it saddens her to see animals being hurt.

The session went extremely well, and as always it is such a humbling experience for me too, to be part of this experience.

Without going into details of how the session was performed and what was said at each point, the essence of it is worth mentioning.

The main message that came through was how important this body is, it is not just material, it is a gift from the Earth. Well you may say, ok how is this different from I already know. The theme for her all through out the session starting in the womb was how innocent this body was, the soul in the body, was experiencing the beauty of this body, the gift that it is. Throughout this beautiful lime green colour kept coming through to her, which she said that felt new to her, as normally she would in her meditations, use white light, but this lime green colour, had such an innocence about it, very sensitive, naive, child like, as if we have been given a new born to look after. There was such innocence and respect for this energy, that was penetrating the room throughout the session, giving me goosebumps. We as souls, have such a huge responsibility to look after this gift, to nurture it, and be with it.

Like stained glass windows in a church with the different colours, each one of us are the different colours, and we have to allow the light to shine through us to be able to share the gift that we are with the world. By allowing ourselves to love our bodies as this innocence, we allow this light to shine through and then we have a responsibility right now on Earth to share this light with others. She was guided as to how to do that, by just intent and focus. When something negative comes to your experience, you have the focus and intent to heal this. She said like the veins in a leaf, that have the life force flowing through them, and give life, we do that with this intent and focus.

All the suffering that we experience, is something that we choose to hold on to, we have a choice to choose to focus on this or let it go, and focus on the new energy coming through, this beautiful green innocent energy of mother Earth. By doing this in many areas of our lives, we can shift things, but not because we expect the results, but because it naturally happens as we do this. In fact the irony is that we don't even expect it when we come from this place. Just like the leaf, or the flower does, just flow with the love.

In this way too, she was told, that when she experiences pain when seeing how animals are treated,  she can choose to feel this or to send out this beautiful energy, this energy then radiates out. She was given an image of a pulsing light in the heart area, which then overlaps with the energy of the light in other beings, whether humans or animals.

The Earth itself is a light body, we should learn her vibrations and frequencies so we can work with them, as the planet is going through such a shift, this is the way, we have to reconnect with her. She has such innocence about her, just like our bodies do. So on many levels this connection is there of this innocence. When we recognise this, in ourselves, we see it everywhere.

The other aspect that came through, was of religion. There is such a purity within each religion, at the core, but walls have been built around this by humans, to keep the ones out, out, and the ones inside a sense of protection. Walls in the literal sense, of religious institutions. These walls have to come down, they are forming a crust around this purity, which still shines, but through the filters of the crust formed by man.

So be the gift that you have come here to be, that glass in the stained window, and together, as we all are needed with our different gifts to allow the light to shine through.



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