Being a victim to your own emotions (EFT sequence to help)


Normally, in many situations we feel that we are being victimised by others, whether it be relationships, or whether it be by situations in our life. These are all situations where, if I could use the analogy, of feeling like our strings our being held and manipulated by someone or something else. These are all things that we can experience, but what I really want to talk about here is being a victim to your own emotions.

What do I mean, when I say being a victim to our own emotions?  Well, we can be so judgemental and critical to the way we are feeling, and our own worst critic. Such that we have all our strings tangled up, and can't even see the woods from the trees so to speak. Ok, you might say, well it is a good thing to have this critic within, and it helps. But if this inner critic, is causing you to feel low self esteem, then how can it doing you any good?

I have just gone through a situation, where I have felt this, and it doesn't matter how much you "know" sometimes, or how much you understand how one "should" be (there is another critical word), it sometimes can elude you, when the emotions are running high.

We have the best intentions for ourselves at all times, of course, but we forget in these moments how our intentions can also get entangled with our belief systems and way of Being (that is coming from total acceptance and love to yourself first and then others).

So what do you do?

You take a step back, just imagine yourself stepping back from that in your mind, and observe what you are feeling, observe what you are thinking, and don't judge it. It has to flow like a river, that is what emotions are meant to do, energy in motion, e-motion. So by taking a step back, you can allow this flow to happen. This stops you from judging them too, and judging yourself most importantly. I can tell you that I am the biggest culprit here, as I can begin to associate myself strongly to whatever emotions arise within me. But with practice, and constant monitoring which requires discipline, one is able to stand back from it more and more.

You are amazing, know this, no matter what is going on in your life. It ok to be feeling what you are feeling, it is ok to express your emotions as they arise, but know that that is just a flow that is happening, and you can be the observer of it, without judging these emotions. When you judge, you divide yourself, and this is one aspect of yourself judging the other. Kind of like one leaf of a tree judging the leaf on the other branch. Bizarre isn't it? So if we can become the tree, knowing we have all these different parts to ourselves, the leaves, each leaf is different in size maybe, the branches, the trunk of the tree, and the roots. The tree just observes it for what it is without judgement. It doesn't ever condemn itself, or the leaves judge each other. It just is. If it rains it doesn't judge it, or the wind, or the sun. But mainly, what I am saying here is it doesn't condemn itself for its different parts, it nurtures them with love from the mother Earth, and reaches up towards the sky. Balanced. It even doesn't label the fact that there are these polarities of Heaven and Earth, or male and female, as it just is that. It embodies that.

Here is an EFT sequence to help you, allow yourself to flow with the emotions and be like the tree. Rate your emotion on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, and feel it in your body:

Here is a link to the points to tap on: EFT points

Karate chop:

Even though I am feeling that I get too entangled in my emotions, I can still be kind and gentle with myself.

Even though I feel I can't tell the wood from the trees, as the whole situation feels so in my face, I can still accept and love myself through this

Even though I feel that I am judging myself and not feeling compassionate to myself and all these emotions that are running through me, I can still be compassionate and kind to myself.

Now moving through the points:

Eyebrow: I am feeling all these emotions

Side of the eye: I am feeling trapped inside all this

Under the eye: I can't seem to see out of this

Under the nose: I feel so caught up in this situation and these emotions

On the chin: It is so difficult to get myself out of this

Collarbone: I am feeling so critical about the whole thing

Under the arm: It is making me feel like I am caught up in all the different parts of me

Repeat the above until you feel the emotions have lessened on the scale of 1 to 10, then repeat the positive sequence below:

Eyebrow: I am beginning to feel clearer

Side of the eye: It feels like the fog is clearing in myself

Under the eye: I feel lifted, and allow myself to be who I am

Under the nose: I can allow myself to experience these emotions as they arise

On the chin: It is like being the tree, just allowing myself and all of it to just be

Collarbone: I can love myself compassionately and kindly through this wave that is passing through me.

Under the arm: I love myself unconditionally through the passing of this wave of emotions.

Repeat the above positive sequence as many times as you like.

With gratitude to all of you. You have all that you need within you, you are this tree, just be it and know it. Sending each and everyone of you love.

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