I found Charan after attending a Hayhouse event, one of the speakers was Bruce Lipton who recommended her on his website. I thought wow she must be good. I had nothing to lose although a bit skeptical about long distance work… How could she really tap into our bodies from across the globe? I immediately contacted her and after a few emails back and forth I booked an appointment.

I must say she was extremely pleasant and I could instantly feel the love, care and compassion in her voice. I was nothing but AMAZED at what she discovered during the body codes sessions. She was right on, many of the same things I had already heard from other practitioners which was really interesting, validating to me even more what she does.

I have noticed some profound changes since working with Charan. I am now strongly considering becoming an emotion/ body code practitioner. I am just amazed by it all. What great experience overall!!

Thank you Charan, I am so thankful I met you.