Client Stories

Remote Healing Success Stories

  “I am so grateful to Charan for healing me from neck pain that I had been suffering from last 2 years. I am a doctor and know what problem I have. There is a large disc at C5-6 level causing pain and balance problem. I had tried everything for, IFT, meditation, message etc. […]

Ellen ~ Hip pain, Generations of Cancer, DNA Frequencies

Thank you so much for the DNA work these past months. It’s been an amazing experience! It’s released the pain in my hips that used to ache almost every time I stood up. It’s touched depths of emotions and memories that I’d long forgotten. And, I heard my ancestor’s words when we cleared generations of […]

MC ~ Cystic Fibrosis

My daughter was given a diagnosis or “label” at birth of Cystic Fibrosis and we were told that she wouldn’t live to see 5 years old. That was the worst day of my life. But our beliefs have actually created a miracle. Charan has been a part of it. My daughter had started to manifest […]

Chris Millbank

Recently I hooked up via Skype with Charan Surdhar a geneticist turned epigeneticist. She specialises in treating emotions, beliefs and perceptions that alter and hold up your DNA. She spent about 30 minutes testing, she found with accuracy not only stuff in this life, but also emotions and shock passed down through my DNA from […]

Ellen ~ Jaw Bone Healed

I was told by my dentist a year and a half ago that because of a bad root-canal, bacteria had come into my jaw bone and “eaten” a hole in the jaw beneath the root. A specialist cleaned out the root and put in a temporary filling, and I went back for x-rays every 6 […]


I am so grateful to Charan for helping to clear the underlying issues of my persistent tiredness. I sensed that there was an imbalance within my Gut after experiencing several abdominal operations and large numbers of Antibiotics some years ago. I have tried many different modalities to clear the causes with some success, however, by […]


I initially came to work with Charan as my daughter has tongue and lip tie an inherited genetic condition. My daughter had minor surgery to release her tongue and lip ties which is a genetic condition. After working with Charan, this condition hasn’t needed any more surgery. Mind blown! I would love to use every […]


Charan’s work is remarkably accurate and effective.  She not only helped ease my pregnancy and delivery, but also facilitated healing for skin issues that my baby had around 7 months old. His skin has improved dramatically, for which I am so grateful.  I would highly recommend Charan to any mother or mother-to-be.


I found Charan after attending a Hayhouse event, one of the speakers was Bruce Lipton who recommended her on his website. I thought wow she must be good. I had nothing to lose although a bit skeptical about long distance work… How could she really tap into our bodies from across the globe? I immediately […]

ED ~ Lump in Breast

I had been experiencing soreness and stinging in my breasts for a few weeks, then eventually I felt the discomfort mainly in my left breast and I felt a quite hard lumpy area with one pea-size lump being especially sore to touch. I was truly terrified, as my mother had had a double mastectomy. After […]

Giia Weigel

My meetings with Charan have always been a source of joy and inspiration, this time, however, it was a source of Healing! On my lengthy ramblings about strange back aches and similar Charan pulled out her trusty Apple, whisked me through the basics of Body Code and literally TWO SECONDS into treatment my back ache […]


Just wanted to say a big thank for working with my little one. He was having a challenging time with his asthma having to use inhalers everyday and since you have worked with him, he doesn’t need them any more. He didn’t need any inhalers, steroids, antibiotics for the past 4 months. I can’t describe […]


Prior to having sessions with Body Code Practitioner Charan Surdhar, this is what I had been experiencing. I had been seeing my GP with symptoms of exhaustion, waking up in the night gasping for breath and involuntary shaking of my head which mainly occurred while sleeping. I also felt quite ‘stuck’ emotionally and wasn’t sure […]


I’m so thankful for Charan and her work and really can’t recommend her highly enough! I had some therapy with Charan recently after finding a lump in my breast, I’d had some discomfort and pain for a while and something didn’t quite feel right. After a few weeks I finally went to see my doctor […]