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Hi, beautiful. Thank you so much for your interest in the Own Your GeneOM™ Community Membership.

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Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Have you tried to get unstuck but haven’t been able to?

Scientific studies of epigenetics, shows that there are frequencies of information around your DNA that are not allowing you to get what you want…

What if you could, no matter what your issue of stuckness, have tools that allow you to bypass these, and go straight to where you live an empowered and powerful life.

This is what you get here in this community.

The support and understanding how to use this technology, that is very ancient, and yet brand new, in the sense of a whole new paradigm shift.

What you get:

  • Access to this technology backed by science and ancient wisdom
  • Access to the how to use it in every area of your life
  • Learn with a community on how to use this
  • Receive doodles (drawings) infused with the frequency of infinite possibilities, that you color and shift gears to accessing healing capabilities within you
  • Group call, where you get to work one to one with me to help you move through your blocks (huge borrowing benefits)
  • One 30min group Quantum DNA Session
  • One mini training per month
  • Learn HOW to use the technology in your day to day life, and create miracles in your body and life
  • Support in the community with other life minded people
  • Learn how you can merge, science, with ancient wisdom and spirituality to create a life and body from the inside out, from the DNA out….
  • Exclusive Discounts for products on website and one-to-one sessions
  • ohh...and...SURPRISES ;)

This a powerful and fun place to begin to learn and have community support to help you overcome your ‘stuckness’ once and for all.


My dedication is to you getting RESULTS. FULLSTOP.


"I have noticed that I am more accepting of change and all that entails. I am calmer and living more in the moment. Enjoying what is NOW. Thank you Charan, and thanks to all the Community."

"I feel the doodles help parts of my being connecting/communicating and I feel joyful like I accomplished something, beyond the drawing.It feels like a tool to communicate, bring to awareness that is not (always) possible with words."

"Since I enrolled myself on Charan’s course. Professionally, I got an assignment on promotion, which may not have been possible otherwise."

"Getting to know myself more and more each day, it almost feels like everything or most of the things are turning out to be miracles... as in I think of something and it happens naturally... When I am going through rough patches, a very uncanny sense of inner calm prevails and I know that it’s happening for a good reason for my growth and all."

Hi my name is Charan Surdhar. I’m an epigeneticist. After an MSc in Human Genetics, I worked for 13 years in a laboratory identifying DNA mutations for children with blood disorders. Now, I merge science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, to help people like you create miracles from the DNA out, and I am writing up my years of work on directing consciousness to change DNA expression, in a PhD in Integrative Medicine.

Whatever you are struggling with now, I hear you and see you. Many clients come to me with all sorts of issues, ranging from emotional struggles to physical pain, and each one is different. But, the one thing that is the same for each person, is that there is a frequency inside you, of the universe, that is guiding everything in your life and body. And whenever anyone, no matter what the struggle, learns to utilise it, the struggle dissolves.

I am so passionate about it being simple to do this, because I am sure you have tried many, many tools. What if the tools were keeping you in the same place? Here you can make a choice to let go of the tools, and learn how to become aligned to your inner truth. It’s a merging of science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to bring you freedom in every moment, and right here, you rewrite your DNA. This is my gift to you.

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"I am more smiling, being kind and caring organically without really expecting anything in return and being confident, vibrant and assertive which gets reflected in my doodles too. I feel I am no longer holding on to my beliefs of unworthiness and that I have to settle in life and relationships. This has helped me tremendously in standing up for myself and allowing me to set clear boundaries in my relationships. I finally broke free from the unhealthy cycle I was feeding. I went from allowing and accepting an unhealthy relationship built on conditional love to now I feel worthy enough and deserve to be in a healthy relationship based on unconditional love that will honor and respect me. "

"Emotionally, this month has been quite difficult and turbulent, so having the doodles to colour (I loved both patterns!) was very helpful. I feel surprisingly calm and positive, no matter what happens - this lack of anxiety is positive and new!"

"This community and course have been a wonderful experience for me so far. Possibly going through the most difficult time in my life, this is also the most exciting time as I feel that I can create what I really want. This course and community have given me the support I needed with ongoing challenges and I learned some new tools to go beyond the drama and move forward."

"What has shifted for me is that I am much more aware than before. I often catch myself thinking "oh, let's get off the hamster wheel". And immediately, I feel more relaxed, especially around the 3rd chakra, and my breathing gets deeper, which always feels good, like a relief. This has helped me a lot and I have felt less as a victim."


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