Giia Weigel

My meetings with Charan have always been a source of joy and inspiration, this time, however, it was a source of Healing! On my lengthy ramblings about strange back aches and similar Charan pulled out her trusty Apple, whisked me through the basics of Body Code and literally TWO SECONDS into treatment my back ache vanished! Puff!

And as if that was not enough, she went to work on my mile thick satin (hah!) heart wall, releasing odd burdens in the form of Trapped Emotions all the way to infancy. The process led me to sniff and cry and left me strangely lightheaded and, most importantly, Free!

Now, 4 days later, am feeling like a newborn, with head full of creative thoughts and heart full of joy. I think I actually lost some weight (i.e. that wall must have weighed a ton)! All I can say is I love Charan and the magic she does!