ED ~ Lump in Breast

I had been experiencing soreness and stinging in my breasts for a few weeks, then eventually I felt the discomfort mainly in my left breast and I felt a quite hard lumpy area with one pea-size lump being especially sore to touch. I was truly terrified, as my mother had had a double mastectomy.

After my 30min session with Charan, I was comparing the texture and sensation of both breasts, and there was NO lump had disappeared and no more pain!

I went to see the doctor anyway three days later. She examined me thoroughly and could find no sign of any suspicious lumps in the breasts or in the armpits. Now, one week later, I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary and everything seems normal I can hardly describe my relief and gratitude!

Something happened that isn’t “supposed to” happen. I did experience physical change – not subtle, but very clear. The pain went from 8 to 1/2 and a hard substance relaxed, in 30 minutes, via skype between England and Norway. Besides being immensely relieved and grateful, I’ll cherish this experience as proof that seemingly miraculous things can happen. I had no expectation or beliefs anything like this would take place, it took me completely by surprise. No placebo, no suggestive language, just wonderful and inspired Charan using her intuition, tools and skills to perfection. 🙂

Thank you and Bless you ❤️