• Are you wanting to conceive a child in a mindful way?
  • Are you afraid of passing onto your child an inherited disease running in your family like cancer, or diabetes or some other disease?

You are here because you want to be a conscious parent, and want to conceive in a mindful way.

You are recognising that there is some expression of your genes that you are afraid of passing on to your child. This is getting in your way of being open to the whole experience of beingĀ a conscious parent.

In the past it has affected previous family members in a way that brought you immense suffering and pain and been worried about your own survival too. You are feeling that this is not what you would like your child to have to go through.

This is because we have been taught that inherited diseases are passed on from generation to generation, and that we have NO control over our biology. In 5% of the cases this is true, but in 95% of the cases we can have positive expression of our genes.

Hi there, my name is Charan, and I am a geneticist turned epigeneticist. All that means is that I provide a safe space for you to release beliefs and perceptions that then free up your DNA to be expressed in a positive way.

How is that possible you ask?

It has been shown that by changing your beliefs and perceptions, it is possible to have a POSITIVE expression of your genes.

You can trust that this is a wonderful possibility, for you as a conscious parent, to have a positive expression of your genes and pass this on to your children at conception. If you want to learn more then sign up for my newsletter (top right), I will keep you informed as to when my next new fun, and informative video on this topic is out.

Thank you. I look forward to sharing some very unique and revolutionary ideas with you in a fun way.


“Thank you for your healing work, it is vital to our evolution.”

~ Bruce Lipton


“Charan has a wonderful way of putting together information that is in the medical literature, but buried. And undervalued. And overlooked.”

~ Dr Christiane Northrup

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