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Source DNA Meditation

Access Your Source DNA Blueprint Beyond the Old Program

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Are you tired of not knowing why your life is the way it is?

You have tried so many different tools to access your health or abundance but seem to be chasing your tail?

This is why, you see, behind the scenes, your DNA is running the programs of your ancestors, and traumas they experienced. What you are experiencing in your life right now, is being influenced by what they went through!

That is how the new emerging science of epigenetics works.

This meditation changes CAN have control over your life, and don’t have to have these programs running your life. Listening to this will allow you to integrate all these programs into the Source Code, which in simple language means, taking what doesn’t work for you any more and shining the light of Source on it. Just like, if you were to take a lit candle into a dark room, even the dark corners light up. Everything comes into the light. As it does, these old programs no longer exist. And here is another cool thing, as you do this…it no longer exists for your children, family and ancestors! Yes, YOU can not only change your biology in this way, but that of your family too.

These programs run your life in so many ways:

  • your health

  • your finances

  • your relationships

Here is what the Access Your DNA Blueprint Meditation can do for you:

  • clear the traumas of your ancestors that are still programming your DNA and life, as well as your children, family and ancestors, just by YOU doing it

  • embedded with Source code frequencies and forgiveness prayers to go behind the ‘scenes’ and clear the programs

  • unleash the health and abundance from the inside out

  • shift you in becoming the creator of your life

  • shift your DNA expression to that of health and wellbeing

  • integrate health and wellbeing on a cellular level

  • changes your frequency to match that of Source or Divine

  • works multi-dimensionally

Ready to shift out of the old programming and access your Source DNA Blueprint?

Whether you would like to shift a physical or emotional issue, the energy of these prayers as they are repeated, can act like laser beams of Source light, to exactly where the origin of the issue was, and integrate that into the light of wholeness, for you and your family. As you say these prayers, not only you benefit, but your family and lineage!


Price: £79 (~$99 USD)

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Elizabeth Kipp, USA

Charan has created a powerful and penetrating guided meditation. I had such a sweet release during this profound process as tears of relief ran down my face for most of it. Excellent sound quality and Charan has the voice of an angel.


It's absolutely amazing! It is really beyond words. It definitely healed me for the day, and created positive ambience instantly.