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10 Magic Doodles

All you have to do is Color the doodles and let them serve you:

  1. To align your cells to magic, and healing is a byproduct
  2. Second, it allows you to begin to get off the hamster wheel of life, into awareness (the first step on the GeneOM™ Process). This then allows you to take the awareness into your day, and once awareness is there the freedOM can follow
  3. Balance the nervous system
  4. Release stress and anxiety


But here is why these are DIFFERENT from other doodles:

As I draw these, I infuse the doodles with a frequency that matches that of nature, where you are already what you want to be.

As you color, you too begin to tune with this frequency, and become what YOU want to BE.

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Here is what others who have colored the doodles have said:

“Hi Charan!  I just wanted to share with you that one of the girls that was coloring your DNA Doodles shared that she is no longer allergic to peanuts!  I asked her if she thought it was from coloring the doodles and her eyes lit up! It didn't even dawn on her that, that could even be related/possible!  She found out when she went for a check up at the Doctor. She is able to eat peanuts now without a reaction. She didn't do anything different, intentionally.”

“I feel the doodles help parts of my being connecting/communicating and I feel joyful like I accomplished something, beyond the drawing.It feels like a tool to communicate, bring to awareness that is not (always) possible with words.”

Charan Surdhar Headshot

Hi my name is Charan Surdhar. I’m an epigeneticist. After an MSc in Human Genetics, I worked for 13 years in a laboratory identifying DNA mutations for children with blood disorders. Now, I merge science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, to help people like you create miracles from the DNA out, and I am writing up my years of work on directing consciousness to change DNA expression, in a PhD in Integrative Medicine.

Whatever you are struggling with now, I hear you and see you. Many clients come to me with all sorts of issues, ranging from emotional struggles to physical pain, and each one is different. But, the one thing that is the same for each person, is that there is a frequency inside you, of the universe, that is guiding everything in your life and body. And whenever anyone, no matter what the struggle, learns to utilise it, the struggle dissolves.

I am so passionate about it being simple to do this, because I am sure you have tried many, many tools. What if the tools were keeping you in the same place? Here you can make a choice to let go of the tools, and learn how to become aligned to your inner truth. It’s a merging of science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to bring you freedom in every moment, and right here, you rewrite your DNA. This is my gift to you.

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“Of course, I love the doodles. They are very soothing and comforting, good tools to just explore the unknown/invisible, the space in between, or get back to a better feeling place.”

“When I was first exposed to doodling I didn’t imagine that it would be a life changing experience. More so, for my daughter, who is just stepping into her teens. I shared the doodles with her and voila, it’s her refuge now, whenever she is overwhelmed with emotions or thoughts, she goes to doodle, and within minutes she’s back to being centred. She used to have self esteem issues earlier, but I see her blossoming and standing up for herself, which is huge. She’s got that confidence and inner strength to speak her mind. Doodling is fun, calming, and the results are amazing and I trust that I am well taken care of, leaving a deep sense of inner peace, helping me to play along in the field of Miraculous…”

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