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GeneOM™ DNA Written Prayers

8 prayers, one prayer per week for 8 weeks

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These powerful prayers are formulated in a way that is like having a magic wand of Source, that can clear the fog of trauma (yours and ancestral) around your DNA, allowing your DNA to access its true potential. This has the power to shift your life in ways that you can’t even imagine. Each prayer around each topic, is specifically formulated to go to the source of where it is in your life or that of your ancestors, that is creating blocks in your life and ‘clean it out’.
Whether you would like to shift a physical or emotional issue, the energy of these prayers as they are repeated, can act like laser beams of Source light, to exactly where the origin of the issue was, and integrate that into the light of wholeness, for you and your family. As you say these prayers, not only you benefit, but your family and lineage!

Topics for the weekly prayers, that will help to integrate the original source of where the block was created, for that particular topic.

Week 1 – Power Within
Week 2 – Love
Week 3 – Fear
Week 4 – Abundance
Week 5 – Freedom
Week 6 – Grief
Week 7 – Guilt
Week 8 – Rejection and Abandonment

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