Ellen ~ Jaw bone Healed

“I was told by my dentist a year and a half ago that because of a bad root-canal, bacteria had come into my jaw bone and “eaten” a hole in the jaw beneath the root. A specialist cleaned out the root and put in a temporary filling, and I went back for x-rays every 6 months to see if the hole was healing.

6 months ago there was still no improvement, and the dentist started talking about a possible operation to scrape out the bacteria in the bone, and with the risk of damaging my facial nerves and leaving me numb in the lips. She also recommended extracting the tooth before the operation. I also was told there was absolutely nothing I could do myself to affect the healing – which was frightening to hear.

I didn’t accept what the dentist had told me, and booked a session with you Charan, knowing anything is possible. We had one or two Skype sessions 6 months ago. Last week I went for a check up, to my immense joy and relief the x-rays showed great improvement, just a tiny shadow of the hole is visible now and the healing has happened since our session. I now have lots of Hope, and trust this will heal completely. No need for risky operations or having my tooth removed! 🙂

Thank you for the Healing and Hope dear Charan, I can’t even express my gratitude.