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Enter the quantum field, where time and space don’t exist, and change your DNA expression from even before you were conceived!


Redefine your DNA on a quantum level, using these audios and doodles, to access the epigenetic factors beyond time and space that would be getting in the way of you or your childrenshowing up at your full potential.


Science shows that these epigenetic factors influence your DNA, and how you or your children show up in the world:

  • What your parents were experiencing emotionally up to 3 months before you were conceived
  • Their state of being during the time of your conception, was there emotional baggage and no or less heart to heart connection?
  • The history of your ancestors, the traumas they experienced, get passed down generation to generation, impacting your DNA


Can you correct this even though it was in the past?


Because we can access all this information, beyond time and space in the morphogenetic field.

Once accessed it is possible to shift it, thereby eliminating these epigenetic factors that then can no longer influence your DNA expression or those of your children (born or unborn).

Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Pay in Full
Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Payment Plan

What happens when you eliminate these epigenetic factors?

  • Access to your well being on a level that goes to the level of your DNA
  • When you work with these, you “clean out the DNA” for your children - born or yet to be born or conceived giving them a fresh start to life


Who is this for:

  • If you want to “clean out your DNA” of epigenetic factors that aren’t even from your life, but from your parents, and ancestors
  • If you are thinking of getting pregnant, to “clean out the DNA” before conceiving to give your child a FRESH start
  • If you are already pregnant, and would like to do the same

What is included:

6 sessions that will take you through each of the following, to connect with the divine expression of your truth and literally DELETE all that is not yours.

Change the DNA expression of the following 6 areas, where YOUR LIFE BEGAN, to match up to wholeness, so that the physical body and life can be whole:

  1. The egg you were conceived from
  2. The sperm you were conceived from
  3. The time of Conception and 1st Trimester of Pregnancy
  4. 2nd Trimester
  5. 3rd Trimester
  6. Birth

Get ready to Go BEYOND time and space to all of the above and align your DNA Expression to that of WHOLENESS.


Also receive 6 energy-infused doodles, one for each category, to color that you can color to gain the same benefits alongside listening to the calls.


These are powerful tools that allow access to the quantum realm where your wholeness exists beyond time and space.

Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Pay in Full
Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Payment Plan

Hi my name is Dr. Charan Surdhar. I’m an epigeneticist. After an MSc in Human Genetics, I worked for 13 years in a laboratory identifying DNA mutations for children with blood disorders. Now, I merge science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, to help people like you create miracles from the DNA out, and the PhD in Integrative Medicine is a culmination of my years of work on directing consciousness to change DNA expression.

Whatever you are struggling with now, I hear you and see you. Many clients come to me with all sorts of issues, ranging from emotional struggles to physical pain, and each one is different. But, the one thing that is the same for each person, is that there is a frequency inside you, of the universe, that is guiding everything in your life and body. And whenever anyone, no matter what the struggle, learns to utilise it, the struggle dissolves.

I am so passionate about it being simple to do this, because I am sure you have tried many, many tools. What if the tools were keeping you in the same place? Here you can make a choice to let go of the tools, and learn how to become aligned to your inner truth. It’s a merging of science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to bring you freedom in every moment, and right here, you rewrite your DNA. This is my gift to you.

Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Pay in Full
Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Payment Plan

"Worth every minute you are in the class - borrowing benefits from all the participants and soaking up the divine energy Charan Surdhar brings to each person on the call. After the call Charan sends you the recording and you can play it over and over and over until you are so healed and so happy and so glad you know about this resource!!"

Patricia, USA

"It began with inflammation in my hands and feet at the level of 7. This was reduced to a 3 plus a feeling of calm and well being that I had almost forgotten that I ever felt. It is difficult to find the words to describe Charan’s work, but it moves things on a deeper level than merely physical. Amazing!"


"Amazing program, very soothing, bringing peace and comfort"

Marianna, Russia

"Charan’s work is always amazing. I saw myself, witnessing a wide array of thoughts and emotions, with a profound sense of calm and peace and taking the leap from fear to love, amidst the chaos and turmoil happening around me. The quality of just being present and observing my own thoughts and feelings brought out a “New” me, which feels so free and liberated, of judgements, old beliefs and patterns and so connected with the source, i.e. LOVE. Thank you Charan, for all that you have done and continue to do with much ease, elan, love and grace. You are truly a sparkle with a diamond heart."

SS, India
Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Pay in Full
Join GeneOM™: GeneOM™ Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program - Payment Plan