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Rebirth Your Divine DNA Program

Enter the quantum field, where time and space don’t exist, and change your DNA expression from even before you were conceived!

Redefine your DNA on a quantum level, using these audios and doodles, accessing the epigenetic factors beyond time and space that would be getting in the way of you showing up at your full potential.  

Who is this for:

  • If you want to “clean out your DNA” of epigenetic factors that aren’t even from your life, but from your parents, and ancestors
  • If you are thinking of getting pregnant, to “clean out the DNA” before conceiving to give your child a FRESH start
  • If you are already pregnant, and would like to do the same

What is included:

6 sessions that will take you through each of the following, to connect with the divine expression of your truth and literally DELETE all that is not yours.

Change the DNA expression of the following 6 areas, where YOUR LIFE BEGAN, to match up to wholeness, so that the physical body and life can be whole:

  1. The egg you were conceived from
  2. The sperm you were conceived from
  3. The time of Conception and 1st Trimester of Pregnancy
  4. 2nd Trimester
  5. 3rd Trimester
  6. Birth

Get ready to Go BEYOND time and space to all of the above and align your
DNA Expression to that of

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