GeneOM™ Rewrite Your DNA to

Get Rid of Emotional Eating




With Charan Surdhar


GeneOM™ Rewrite Your DNA to Get Rid of Emotional Eating

Live a Life Free from Unhealthy Emotional Eating

Digital 90 Min Audio Recording

FACT: 49% of people feel disappointed in themselves after having overeaten or eaten unhealthily

FACT: stress leads to emotional eating

FACT: Family Genetics play a role in emotional eating

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You don’t have to live with unhealthy emotional eating.
You think it is your fault, and that it is all in the mind, and you think your body wants certain foods. 
But science shows that family genetics are at play!
This is backed up by recent findings in an epigenetics study.
A mice study published in Cell Metabolism, showed that a bout of uncontrollable eating, wasn’t just psychological. There was an epigenetic factor. A pregnant mother’s stress levels when pregnant could make her female offspring more likely to engage in binge eating when they grow up!

What if your food cravings are as a result of family genetics or epigenetic factors like this?

What if there are other epigenetic factors that are contributing to your food cravings?



Where: Digital 90 Min Audio Recording
Get Your Recording Here for £29

On the Call all of the following will be covered and more:

  • What is epigenetics
  • Easy snippet on Quantum physics
  • How you can rewrite get rid of the cravings from the DNA out
  • 4 Key Steps that allow you to do so
  • Receive borrowing benefits
  • DOWNLOADABLE recording
  • BONUS mp3 AUDIO: Energy Transmission, for ’Healthy Eating’ from the DNA out (worth £99 ~ $127 USD)


Bonus MP3 Audio Energy Transmission for Healthy Eating:


  • Allows you to not feel guilty around food
  • Become neutral to foods, rather than it being right or wrong
  • Make choices that are aligned with your body
  • Relief from anxiety, and stress around food
  • Allow your body to digest healthily
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Aligns you to your Highest Potential
  • Is an inaudible transmission layered with music and ancestral prayers to work on clearing your ancestral traumas from your DNA
Disclaimer: This is not to replace any medical treatments and/or makes no claim to cure or treat anyone. It is not to treat any allergies or serious eating disorders. This compliments any medical treatment the person may be having.

Every month, join Charan for a 90 minute call to help free you from the burdens of life, ancestral or yours, and Rewrite your DNA to align with who you are meant to be.

This allows you to access happiness, and fulfillment on a level that is not possible when you are holding onto the past.

Hi my name is Charan Surdhar. I’m an epigeneticist. After an MSc in Human Genetics, I worked for 13 years in a laboratory identifying DNA mutations for children with blood disorders. Now, I merge science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, to help people like you create miracles from the DNA out, and I am writing up my years of work on directing consciousness to change DNA expression, in a PhD in Integrative Medicine.

Whatever you are struggling with now, I hear you and see you. Many clients come to me with all sorts of issues, ranging from emotional struggles to physical pain, and each one is different. But, the one thing that is the same for each person, is that there is a frequency inside you, of the universe, that is guiding everything in your life and body. And whenever anyone, no matter what the struggle, learns to utilise it, the struggle dissolves.

I am so passionate about it being simple to do this, because I am sure you have tried many, many tools. What if the tools were keeping you in the same place? Here you can make a choice to let go of the tools, and learn how to become aligned to your inner truth. It’s a merging of science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to bring you freedom in every moment, and right here, you rewrite your DNA. This is my gift to you.

"Just listened to Rewrite your DNA for Healthy Eating Energy Transmission, and I could feel it deep in my body working with my intentions to love my body inside and out. Beautiful! Thank you so much!"

Pamela Dussault Runtagh
Owner and Founder of The Reap Healing Method and Passage to Inner Joy ~ ~

"On a day when I had cravings, which felt like they were taking control over me, I worked with Charan, and the cause behind it was gone. I knew this because I felt neutral to the whole emotional eating pattern. The next day I didn’t eat emotionally at all!"


"Ever since a major trauma and family bereavement, I have been stuck in patterns of binge eating and lack of self care around my nutrition. After listening to this frequency I really feel I have rewritten my old story and relationship with unhealthy food, and I am looking and feeling much better and life is reflecting."

Louise Graham
Impact coach & mentor ~

"Charan facilitated a miracle transformation for me regarding family dynamics, before I went to care for my brother during a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Her work is incredibly effective!! I am so grateful to you Goddess! ❤️"


"Worth every minute you are in the class - borrowing benefits from all the participants and soaking up the divine energy Charan Surdhar brings to each person on the call. After the call Charan sends you the recording and you can play it over and over and over until you are so healed and so happy and so glad you know about this resource!!"


"I really enjoyed the group call, thank you. Walking has improved and I have less pain after walking. Hip has eased most of the time. Overall, I am delighted and aiming for more."


"Charan has a keen ability to perceive beyond words, which gives me the feeling of being deeply understood and supported. She attentively listens, and is ready to offer knowledgeable advice when appropriate, in a gentle and unimposing way. Truly she has achieved in combining traditional and alternative methods for enhancing well-being and health, enabling clients to optimise the expression of their genes, to become their best self!"

Dr. Marie Holm
Researcher & Professor: Management & Spirituality

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