GeneOM™ 7 Days to Rebirth the New, Beyond Your DNA
December 6-12, 2021



The 7 days to Rebirth the New, Beyond Your DNA, is a live online program, where you will go through 7 consecutive days, 21 mins each day, of Quantum DNA sessions.


Dr. Charan Surdhar, with her science background, and an understanding of how our DNA functions on a quantum level, helps you in the sessions to connect back to your magic.


This is the program that Dr. Charan conducted during her PhD study. The data showed that ALL participants had a shift towards more presence (a shift in waking consciousness), which led to more self love, less self judgement, less anxiety and worry, and so much more!


December 6-12, 2021 8am Pacific/11 am Eastern/ 4pm UK
7 days of 21 mins Quantum DNA sessions LIVE online.


At the end of the 7 days, you can expect to have the following:

  • Align your DNA with Source
  • A nervous system RESET
  • A cellular RESET
  • A hormonal RESET
  • An emotional RESET
  • A physical RESET
  • Align each cell and its DNA to innate intelligence
  • Align to the Miracle YOU and watch it play out in your body and life


What happens on the sessions:

  • Group calls on zoom for 7 days for 21 mins each day
  • First call will be longer in order to answer any questions before the actual sessions begin
  • Same time every day 4pm UK, 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific
  • You sit back and do no-thing
  • Step into the field with the group where Charan will be aligning you to your Source
  • All calls will be recorded
  • Replays will be emailed to all participants, these are just as powerful


The opportunity to access this for yourself, is now here!

This is changing things from the inside out, and literally from the DNA out.

How Participants Felt after the 7 day program

As presence increases these are the benefits you, too, can have for yourself...

When we run the live sessions, participants fill out before and after surveys to receive
an assessment of their results and the results of the overall group.

Disclaimer: This is not to replace any medical treatments and/or makes no claim to cure or treat anyone. It is not to treat any allergies or serious eating disorders. This compliments any medical treatment the person may be having.

Hi my name is Dr. Charan Surdhar. I’m an epigeneticist. After an MSc in Human Genetics, I worked for 13 years in a laboratory identifying DNA mutations for children with blood disorders. Now, I merge science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, to help people like you create miracles from the DNA out, and the PhD in Integrative Medicine is a culmination of my years of work on directing consciousness to change DNA expression.

Whatever you are struggling with now, I hear you and see you. Many clients come to me with all sorts of issues, ranging from emotional struggles to physical pain, and each one is different. But, the one thing that is the same for each person, is that there is a frequency inside you, of the universe, that is guiding everything in your life and body. And whenever anyone, no matter what the struggle, learns to utilise it, the struggle dissolves.

I am so passionate about it being simple to do this, because I am sure you have tried many, many tools. What if the tools were keeping you in the same place? Here you can make a choice to let go of the tools, and learn how to become aligned to your inner truth. It’s a merging of science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to bring you freedom in every moment, and right here, you rewrite your DNA. This is my gift to you.


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