Rewrite Your Children’s (and Your) DNA

Change Your Destiny

Have you ever wished that you could rewrite your children’s DNA?

AND, what if YOU had a mother who was stressed during pregnancy, would you like to rewrite your DNA and lead a life more aligned to health and abundance?

Maybe not, but here is why that might be important for you…

Did you know as a parent your thoughts, feelings, and emotions all impact your child?

Also that it doesn’t just stop there, your child’s DNA responds to this even before they were conceived!

The way you as a parent felt before conception, both mum and dad, influenced the egg and the sperm, and also conception.

And then, of course, during pregnancy, if you were stressed, had anxiety, or fear, whatever it was, this created an energy that impacted your child’s DNA.

Science shows that this can impact the child’s development in the womb, begin to get geared up for a life of survival rather than growth, and this can result in a child who is more stressed.

What if you could change that?

Well, you can.

Let me explain. In the quantum field, there is no time and space, and by understanding these concepts, and learning how to do this, you CAN shift all this.

Digital 90 Min Audio Recording

On the call:

  • What is epigenetics
  • Easy snippet on Quantum physics
  • No time and space concept
  • How you can rewrite your child’s DNA
  • 4 Key Steps that allow you to do so
  • Work with Charan on the call
  • Have borrowing benefits even if you don’t get worked on

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